Welcome to the Riverdale Men's Club


Riverdale is open and practicing social distancing.  Call in and prepay before playing, No carts, maintain 6' separation and NO congregating before or after play.  Therefore we will be cancelling tournaments until they are no longer practicing social distancing.  Future tournaments will be decided upon on a day to day basis.  It's our hope that all Members stay healthy practicing social distancing and we can begin the season again ASAP.  We will make every attempt to reschedule the cancelled tournaments, we're sorry if that requires playing back to back weekends.  

Good luck, Thanks for understanding

Riverdale Men's Club

CGA Inter-club dates

May 9 alt May 31 AM T times:  Broadlands

June 20 PM T times:  Hyland Hills

July 19 AM T times: Indian Peaks



When a player signs up another player for any tournament, the player must consult the other player before committing that player for the tournament.  This action creates problems that are unnecessary. 

Also see Native area rule (formerly the Lateral hazard rule) at the bottom of this page.


Tournament signup: 

pass word is "knollsdunes'

 Tee times and results:


PASSWORD: "rmc2020"

Tournament cancellation deadline is 5:00 PM the Wednesday before the Tournament.

CANCELLATION and special request hotline

303-659-4700 ext 25 or Email: RIVERDALEMEN@GMAIL.COM

Back to School!!

We have PGA teaching professionals at Riverdale:

Jeff Carter: 303-659-6700

Luke Skattum 303-659-4700 LSKTTUM@GMAIL.COM

If you're looking to improve, give one of these teachers a try...



Signup: Deadline for all Tournaments is 5:00 PM Saturday

The week prior to the Tournament


Sign-up early so you don't miss out!! 

The Sign-ups will remain activated until Wednesday; players signing up after the

Saturday deadline will be placed on an alternates list.



Cancellations after 5 PM Wednesday before the tournament are subject to all tournament and green fees!




 Riverdale Local Rule

Native area rule: for Speed of play

Definition of the Native area rule:  The ball last crossed into the Native area, the player can take one stroke penalty relief, within 2 club lengths, no closer to the hole or drop the ball on a line keeping the point of entry in line with the hole.  This rule is provided for relief from impossible or time-consuming situations. Native area is any unmaintained (Long grass/weed) area on the Knolls or Dunes.  The Native area is NOT a penalty area.

NOTE: Cart paths that butt up against Native areas are considered extensions of the Native area.


Situation:  Player’s ball enters into a “Native area” Player is only allowed 2 minutes to locate the ball.


Ball is located: Player is allowed only 2 minutes to locate the ball.

1.     Player may play the ball as it lies.

2.     Player can utilize the unplayable ball relief rule.

3.     If the player has no viable relief options, the player can utilize the “Native Relief Rule”

4.     Player plays another ball where the original stroke was taken, one stroke penalty.

Ball is lost:  Player is only allowed only 2 minutes to locate the ball.

1.     Player plays another ball where the original stroke was taken, one stroke penalty.

2.     The player can utilize the “Native Relief Rule”