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Skills Clinic Opportunities

July 18, 2019

The following skills clinic will be run at the Wolves Den in Pembroke and the instructor is a RHS grad who's currently playing college basketball in Connecticut. 

See the information below and contact Coach Dan Bailey with any questions. 

Triple Threat Is Coming

July 9, 2019

Please see the links that follow for flyers for a camp opportunity for BOYS entering Grades 5-8 during the week of July 22-25 and BOYS entering grades 9-12 during the week of July 29-August 1.

These camps are held each year by the coaching staffs of Rockland, Hanover and SSVT High Schools and are a great way for the committed player to really put some serious work in during the summer to improve their game.

If you have questions on the camps you can reach out to Rockland High head coach Fred Damon at

We pass along this information each year and as always we will pass along any local girls camps that are brought to our attention. These two camps are for BOYS.

Super Saturday Wrap & Raffle Winners

March 24, 2019

Rockland Youth Basketball would like to extend their deepest thanks for everybody who came out to Super Saturday and to everybody who helped make it possible. It was another great day and we're so happy to be able to end the basketball year on such a high note each year.

We hope all the champions like their well-earned t-shirts. It was the first time we decided to go with shirts over trophies. The reaction seemed to be pretty positive. We think they're pretty cool. We hope you do too.

Here's the raffle winners for the day:

$50  - Ralph Logan - sold by Hayden Hatch

$100 - Tim DiMario - sold by TJ Dimario

$250 - Tim Mullane - sold by Mady Moriarty

$500 - Maryanne Cotton - sold by James Cotton

The top seller was Leila Kennedy from our instructional program. She'll receive $100.


2019 Super Saturday Schedule

March 18, 2019
Super Saturday - March 23, 2019
High School Gym
Start End Event
8:30 9:30 Girls Junior League Championship
9:30 10:30 Boys Junior League Championship
10:30 11:00 Girls Instructional
11:00 11:30 Boys Instructional
11:30 11:45 Hustle Award
11:45 12:30 Senior & Junior League Free Throw Finals
12:30 1:00 Senior League & 5th Grade 3 Point Contest Finals
1:00 2:00 8th Grade ALL STAR Game
2:00 3:00 Girls Senior League Championship
3:00 4:00 Boys Senior League Championship
4:00 5:00 Coaches Game
Middle School Gym
Start End Event
10:00 10:40 Boys & Girls Senior League Free Throw Prelims
10:40 11:20 Boys and Girls Junior League Free Throw Prelims
11:45 12:15 Boys and Girls Senior League & 5th Grade 3 Point Prelims

2019 Town League Playoffs

March 12, 2019





Town League Regular Season in the Books

March 11, 2019

We are waiting for a few leagues to report their scores and then we'll work to confirm gym times and then we'll be able to publish the playoff schedules for Town League. 

Stay tuned!