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Good shooters are developed, not born."
Bill Sharman
Basketball Hall of Fame Player
From Sharman on Basketball Shooting

In the same way "Good Players are Developed, not Born."

At Rock Solid our goal is to develop players by improving their Shooting and Ball Handling Skills as well as their Basketball IQ.


Rock Solid Basketball Academy Training

Rock Solid Basketball Academy Training:

2 Hours each Session. Now included in each Session is 30 minutes for Vertimax and Exposive 1st Step, Speed and Jumping.
Ball handling - Dribbling - Shooting - Attacking the Basket - Plyo - Scrimmage -

Added Free to Fultime Rock Solid Members is D-Day. D-Day is 1 Day per week for 90 minutes (1.5 hours) of nothing but Defense. From Stance to 1st step to closeouts and rotations. We break down each part and get reps in.

Players we have available the Following Training Aids :
* Dribbling Blinders - Heads Up Aid
Player Benifits : Will Increase Court Awareness, Develop more Sensitive Hands, Greater Ball Control, Help player Focus on play, Improve Reaction Time & more Confident.
* Jumpers Knee Straps (Helps relieve pain from Chondromalacia/iritated knee cap, Patellar Tendonitis and Osgood-Schlatter's Disease).
Improves patellar tracking & elevation by applying mild pressure on the Tendon below the kneecap.
* Knee Pads - Help protect knees from bangs and falls
* Heel Cups (Maximum Protection-Absorbs high pressure & primary force of Heel Strike)
* Ankle Braces - Only a matter of time before you injure your ankle.

Jo Jo Ballestero (Canyon high school, Anaheim Hills Ca.)
Jo Jo Ballestero, a 5’11” senior guard from Canyon of Anaheim Hills, was one of 16 3-point contestants selected as a finalist from around the country. Ballestero is averaging 18.5 points per game for the Comanche’s this season and has made a total of 102 3-pointers on the year.

Jo Jo Ballestero Canyon High School Records (4 year Varsity Player)

  • Most 3-pointers in a single Game 11,
  • Most 3-pointers in a Season 124,
  • Most 3-pointers in a Career 319,
  • Most consecutive Free Throws 30,
  • Highest Free Throw Percentage 90%
  • 2nd All-Time Career Points Scored 1650
  • Canyons #2 All Time Leading Scorer with 1650 Career points

Jo Jo Ballestero Canyon High School Basketball
Orange County Records
  • 2010-2013 Orange County Most 3-pointer made in a Career All Time 3rd with 319
  • 2012-2013 Season #1 Orange County in Most 3-pointers on the Season 102,
  • 2010-2011 Season #1 Orange County in Most 3-pointers on the Season 124
  • 2011-2012 Season #6 Orange County in Most 3-pointers on the Season 124
  • 2012-2013 Orange County #5 in Scoring with 555 points (as of 02-28-2013)
  • 2011-2013 Voted to 7 All-Tournament teams (Career High School Tournaments)
  • 2010-2011 Season All-Century League
  • 2011-2012 Season All-Century League
  • 2012-2013 Season All-Century League (most likely but unofficial as to not released yet)
CIF Southern Section Records
  • 7th All time Most 3 pointers made in a Career.
  • All-CIF 2010-2011 his Sophomore Year
  • All-CIF 2011-2012 his Junior Year
  • All-CIF 2012-2013 Senior Year, All-CIF not posted yet but Canyon made it to the Semi Finals in the playoffs Jo Jo led the section but he should make it with the stats he has for this season.
  • Here are CIF Playoff Stats for 2012-2013
  • Averaging 21 points per game in the Playoffs #1 in the section (60% 22-37 from the floor)
  • Shooting 82% from 2pt range (9 for 11) Shooing 55% from 3pt range (11-20)
  • Shooting 100% from the free throw line (7-7)
  • #1 in Scoring in CIF 2A averaging 18.5 pts per game on the Season
  • #1 in Points Scored in CIF 2A with 555 points scored
Jo Jo Ballestero (Canyon 21-9) 2012-2013 Season Highlights
  • Most 3 pointers made in a game 10 - Dec-14 W 81-56vs. Gahr
  • Most points scored in a game 36 - Dec-14 W 81-56vs. Gahr
  • Scored 24pts and hit Game winner trailing by 2 Jan-4 W 62-61vs. Esperanza (trailing by 2 with 2 seconds left made shot was fouled and free throw to win it by 1)
  • Scored 29pts and hit Game winner Feb-7 W 66-65vs. Foothill (made shot trailing by 1 with 4 seconds left)
  • Ended his last game of 2013 with a 27 in a row consecutive Free Throws Made streak.



Coach's let us Train your Players

Coach's - We Train & Develop your Players 2 days per week
Coach run's Team practice 1 day per week
* Players are more prepared for the Next Level
* Coach's will have more skilled players
* Coach's time is cut back
* Highly Qualified Experienced Trainers

Optional Benifits:
* We can help with Gym Time for your practice
* We can help with Team Insurance
* We can help with Game & Practice Uniforms
* We can help with scheduling Tournaments-Shootouts-Leagues

Rock Solid Basketball Training Program

Rock Solid "Academy" Program Schedule
Group Schedule:
Each session is 2 hours 2 days per week per group.
See your 2 Days per week and your Times
Schedule is to the Left of the Home (this) Page Under "Calender"
Schedule is at the Bottom of the Home (this) Page

Girls Only 4th grade - High School
Boys Only 4th Grade - High School
High School Boys 2nd Day Varies/ Time always same (with Vertimax)

Please be sure to Check the Home Page Bottom or the Calender Page for you Days and Times.

Bring Your Basketball with Your Name on it to Each Workout

Schedule/Location is Subject to Change be sure your on our email list.
Check this Website.

For Program Cost Click Here

Rock Solid Basketball "Rookie" Program

Rock Solid "Rookie" Program Comming Soon - Join Email List
Girls K - 3rd grade
Boys K - 3rd grade

Bring Your Basketball with Your Name on it to Each Workout

Schedule/Location is Subject to Change be sure your on our email list.
Check this Website.

For Program Cost Click Here

Game Schedule

Below is this weekend info, its also on the website
Go to www.RockSolidBasketball.net
Click on left Tournaments for Schedule
Click Gyms left side of Home Page for Directions

Spring Club Season
Rock Solid Club Teams !

5th Grade Girls
8th Grade Girls
JV High School Girls
Varsity HS Girls

5th Grade Boys
7th Grade Boys
8th Grade Boys
JV High School Boys

Rock Solid Boys 8th Grade Anaheim Hills 2009-2010 All-Net Winter League

Anaheim Hills Rock Solid 8b NJB All-Net Winter League Champs Back 2 Back 2008-2009 & 2009-2010
Good Luck
Austin, Anthony, Kalem, Justin,
Andrew, Ryan, Thomas, Johnathan, Sajan, Chandler, Coach Justin, Coach Joe

Rock Solid Girls 7th Grade Anaheim Hills 2010-2011 All-Net Winter League Champs 11-3

1st Picture is the Rock Solid Girls on the Staple Center before playing a game. Game pictures of the girls playing at the Staple Center are in the photo Section.

The Rock Solid Basketball Girls have won the Top Level All-Net Winter League for the 3rd year in a Row with a record of 11-3
In addition they have won the So Cal Super Sectionals for the 3rd year in a row.
Michele, Collette & Ashley have Won 3 Years
Brooke, Alanna, Sam 2 Years
Special thanks to all the parents for their support, loyalty and dedication. Its been a honor and joy training & coaching these young ladys the last 3 years. Michele & Collette on the same NJB rec team in 5th grade & Michele & Ashley in 1st grade in Johnsons Allstars.

Congratulations Girls!

2010-2011 AH Rock Solid Basketball Girls All-Net 8th Grade
Winter League Champions 11-3
2011 So Cal Super Sectionals Champs 4-0 Defeated Brea Lady Cats 64-52
Way to Go Girls!
Michele, Collette, Ashley, Brooke, Alanna, Tiffany, Yasmine, Sydney, Allison, Mikayla & Chynna.

2009-2010 AH Rock Solid Basketball Girls All-Net 7th Grade
Winter League Champions 12-2
2010 So Cal Super Sectionals Champs 4-0 Defeated Cerritos Magix 61-48
Way to go Again Girls!
Michele, Collette, Ashley, Brooke, Alanna, Samantha, Jacquline, Courtney & Amanda.

2008-2009 AH Rock Solid Basketball Girls All-Net 6th Grade
Winter League Champions 12-2
2009 So Cal Super Sectionals Champs 4-0 Defeated Cerritos Magix 59-56
Way to go Again Girls!
Michele, Collette, Ashley, Samantha, Megan, Bria, Madaline, Loralynn and Jessica.

OC Register Carlos Aries audio interview with Coach

Orange County Register's Carlos Aries talk's with coach Joe Ballestero about the 2006-2007 CIF playoff picture and the Orange High Panthers season.
To listen to the interview Click Here

Orange County Register article "Program on the rise" By K.J.M. Singleton

The Orange County Register article about the Orange High School girls basketball program and coach Joe Ballestero. The article titled "Program on the rise" written By K.J.M SINGLETON in the Orange County Register includes a team photo.
To read article "Program on the rise" Click here

The Importance of Training

Success begins with fundamental skill work and developmental training.

Because a player is quick or can jump doesn’t mean he (or she) will be Successful.
Without skills they will fail.
There are so many players at even the high school level that fail because they Lack Skills.
It’s all about Skills.
That’s how you get to the next level.
AMERICA Other countries are catching up...
USA Basketball has dominated the world, but other countries are catching up to us because of our poor shooting skills.
You saw the trueth of that statement in the last Olympics from Sydney when Lithuania and France were able to stay within range of our "Dream" team and could have won the games. Those two teams, as many others, shot better than our players and often worked better as a "team."
In the last world Championships, our pro-based team could only manage SIXTH place! Something is not working!!!

Americans have fallen blindly in love with the Dunk.
The High Flying Athletic, one-on-one way of playing that dominates the USA (along with mediocre shooting) are the main reasons the the rest of World has Arrived. Don't get me wrong I enjoy seeing a Great Athlete in the Air but that doesn't change the facts.
Team USA lost three consecutive games in the World Championships this summer because USA players couldn’t hit the jump shot, a free-throw, or the open man. Soccer dominant countries (Argentina and Spain) were all of a sudden beating the great American NBA players.
"Paul Hoover"

Shooting What We Teach

The 10 Rock Solid Physical Commandments of Shooting :

1. Catching the Ball
2. Holding the ball correctly
3. Lower Body Balance / Footwork
4. The Head
5. The Shoulders
6. Proper use of the off hand
7. Proper use of the elbow
8. Extension and locking
9. The Release
10. Follow through

We Break Down and Work On :
1. The Mental Part of Shooting (alone)
2. The Physical Part of Shooting (alone)
3. Both the Mental and Physical Parts of Shooting

For More information on Private Training Go to Main Menu (upper left)
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"Good shooters are developed, not born."
Bill Sharman
Basketball Hall of Fame Player
From Sharman on Basketball Shooting

Shooting Game Highlights Canyon vs Esperanza Jo Jo Ballestero 2011

Shooting Game Highlights Canyon vs Esperanza Jo Jo Ballestero
To watch highlight Click Here

Below is Jo Jo in 2004 one down three up.

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