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It's time for another tournament, and this time we doing it BIG.

RU4IT Mission for Community Growth

RU4IT is a multi gaming facility that will require participants to use the resources in the area (drug and alcohol counseling, teen pregnancy, and many other programs that join our affiliate program). Words can be very powerful when speaking with the youth of today’s society. There should be no difference in who they are, everyone needs a fighting chance. To see a person is only to know the shell of that individual, to know a person is to create a bridge that connects you to their way of living. RU4IT’s slogan, “Mercer County, invest in our community to bring out unity. Play games you see, Play games you want to be. Play no games if you don't want unity." It is our intent and goal to expand upon the knowledge of the youth of our community by introducing them to a different way of life and thinking. By providing a safe haven of sorts for our youth, field trips would be essential to expanding the minds of our youth and also exposing them to cultural differences throughout the community and surrounding areas. Let's come together and see how far we can create productive citizens to assist in developing community, county and possible state growth. For more information, please contact RU4IT @ (724) 877-1743.

In the box under tournament please put the name of the tournament. Please print and keep for your records and confirmation. Thank you and good luck.

Past videos See what Mercer County has to offer. You can also go to the link page and see other sites that are connected to RU4IT.

Video Tournaments

Video Tournaments are coming soon. If you have any suggestions on what games you would like to play in a tournament please don't hesitate to contact RU4IT @ 724.877.1743

Online Forms (please complete top) print waiver

Please go to the online forms and fill out your information. the waiver must be printed out and brought with you to the tournament. YOU MUST REGISTER YOUR TEAM. WALK-INS IS AT THE DISCRECTION OF RU4IT.


Street Starz are the Champs. What team will be strong enough to knock them off their thrown. Well the next tournament is coming up fast so get your teams together and come out and show your best. Good luck to all the teams.