Effective 6/22/20, youth baseball and softball may reopen under phase 1 guidelines - practices only.  Please see below for our COVID-19 Preparedness Plans.  




River Vale Baseball & Softball Association

Program Preparation Plan 

Summer 2020 


General Policies:

-        No player may participate in any RVBSA event without a completed RVBSA COVID-19 Disclosure Acknowledgement and Waiver (included in online Summer registration). RVBSA events include all recreational and travel practices, games, clinics, batting cage sessions or other coordinated activities. 

-        All parents must be familiar with the CDC guidance on signs and symptoms of COVID-19.  No player, coach, umpire or spectator with known COVID-19 symptoms is permitted to play or attend an RVBSA event (game, practice, etc.).   

-        Parents must advise the coach that their player is symptom-free, including fever-free, before each game or practice.  If the player is exhibiting symptoms, he/she may not attend practice or games until: (1) he/she is symptom-free and (2) he/she provides proof of a negative test for COVID-19.  

-        When games begin, teams must conduct temperature screening of all players in accordance with the rules of their league. 

-        Any player, coach, umpire, or spectator who has tested positive for COVID-19 may not return to play/attend an RVBSA event until they have been symptom-free for 14 days and have obtained doctors note stating they may return.  

-        Spectator attendance must comply with State law limits on outdoor gatherings and cannot exceed the then-valid maximum capacity. Each field will have designated areas for spectators (see below) and spectators must maintain 6 feet separation within these areas. 

-        Only immediate family members are permitted to attend as spectators – extended family and others are not permitted for now.  

-        Spectators are required to wear a cloth or other mask while attending all RVBSA events. 

-        Parents should make every effort to leave siblings who are not playing in the game at home.  If this is impossible, the sibling must remain with the parent.  There will be zero tolerance for kids who are not playing to violate social distancing rules at the field.  Parents who cannot keep their non-playing children under control will be asked to leave. 

-        Players are expected to bring personal hand sanitizer and apply between innings 

-        Players and coaches are strongly encouraged to wear a mask when not actively playing (i.e., in the dugout and before/after games)

-        Absolutely no food, seed, gum in the dugout 

-        No spitting 

-        No high fives or handshakes 

-        Players must bring their own personal water bottle and may not be shared 

-        No sharing of bats, helmets or gloves 

Practice Requirements (6/22/20 - 7/6/20)

-        During this period, only practices are permitted and there may not be any activity involving physical contact between players. 

-        Coaches should have a practice plan for each practice that incorporates social distancing 

o   Keep players 6 feet apart

o   Limit touching common equipment

o   Take regular breaks to have kids sanitize hands 

-        All above rules in terms of illness reporting and food/drink policy apply 

-        Parents are encouraged to drop players off.  However, if they choose to stay, they must remain away from the field and masks are required.   

-        Coaches should divide players into small groups and spread them out when doing drills where possible.  Fan out vs. single file drill lines 

-        Eliminate drills that require close contact – tag plays, pickoffs, etc. 

-        Make sure parents pick up their kids promptly 

-        No game condition scrimmages – use coach pitch, situational fielding/BP format 

-        No live pitching/catching with a batter under any circumstances


COVID-19 Ground Rules (effective 7/6/20)

-        Manager meeting socially distanced with umpire.  Must include a safety/social distancing discussion with umpire and both coaches.  No exchange of paper line up cards (can do electronically)

-        Games will be scheduled to ensure at least 30-minute gaps between games.  There will be a hard time limit of 1:45 for all games where there is another game behind it.  No exceptions.  Any game that is stopped mid-inning will revert back to score at the end of the last complete inning.  Any effort to purposely slow down to reach a time limit will result in forfeit and coach discipline. 

-        If a player/team arrives and the game before them has not been cleared out, they must remain in their cars until the field is completely cleared.

-        Team at bat must socially distance its players 6 feet apart on its side of the fence line 

-        Wherever possible, hitters should access the field without using a gate

-        Replace baseball/softball regularly throughout the game 

-        Foul balls should be left alone and will be retrieved by a coach after the game. Spectators should not track down the ball and try to return it to play. 

-        If using multiple catchers in a game, they must wear separate catching equipment 

-        Only the coach and player may meet for a mound visit and the coach must socially distance. 

-        No catcher/pitcher mound visits 

-        Infielders and outfielders must stay in their positions and may not congregate during stoppages in play 

-        Postgame:

-        Postgame handshake replaced with cap tip – players line up on opposite foul lines 6 feet apart and tip their cap.  No game balls 

-        Players/coaches/spectators should quickly leave the field area – no lingering around so we can ensure separation between games 

Field-Specific Spectator Areas:

-        Hoffman & Ranges - behind outfield fence.  Home team CF to RF line, Visitors CF to LF line

-        Holdrum – beyond the OF grass behind grass marking line  

-        Upper Grove – deep OF behind grass marking line  

-        Lower Grove – Hill area

-        Alexander – far down OF lines and/or turf beyond midpoint of football field 


-        The RVBSA Board will implement mandatory training of all coaches on this policy and coaches may not attend any RVBSA event without having attending the training 

-        Any questions about the interpretation of this policy or any concerns about violations should be immediately directed to the President, RVBSA, the VP Baseball or VP Softball

-        Violations of this policy will result in disciplinary action including but not limited to removal of the violating player/spectator from the RVBSA Summer program.