Rancocas Valley Youth Lacrosse




RV Youth Lacrosse girl’s teams’ parents,

Now that the season is over I wanted to take just a moment to say thank you for supporting RV Youth Lacrosse and for your commitment to making this year such a great success. This past weekend I was lucky enough to watch all three of our teams play in the end of the season tournament. I witnessed the achievement that was constructed by 8 weeks of competition, coach and player commitment, attention to detail, and an undeniable sense of team. Through the wins and losses, we had moments of individual brilliance, but more importantly we had exciting team triumphs. We had 13 first year players in our program yet this weekend you couldn’t tell them apart from the more experienced players. This year we had 6th graders playing against 8th grade teams. They showed skill and grit making them equals on the field. We also saw 5th and 6th graders demonstrate enthusiasm and determination when facing dominant opponents. In the end, the girls all showed great improvement in both skill and game IQ.  I can’t ask for more than that. I’m proud of all the girls and to be part of this organization.  Thanks for a great 2018 spring season. 

I hope to see you all on the field again soon!

Paul Hascek 

RV Youth Lacrosse VP and Girl's Program Director.

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