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  • It's time for Dodger baseball....Welcome to the Sac Valley Dodgers website
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  • Buzzards vs Dodgers 2 p.m. @ TRI CITY LL 6/19/16....HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!
  • Congratulations to the 2015 League & Division Champions....Sac Valley Dodgers for monumental season

Hello and good day to you.....wherever you may be. My name is Vince Miles, manager for the Sac Valley Dodgers. This organization was formed through the Sacramento Area National Adult Baseball Association by myself in the year 2000. I came into the league at the end of the 1997 season as one of Barry Spiller's Astros. In the following year, 1998, he asked me to manage another Astro team, which I gladly did for two years before realizing I had enough of wearing that particular uniform and don the only colors I was born to wear........Dodger Blue. Since the innaugural year the Sac Valley Dodgers have captured a numerous of division titles, three or four runner up titles and three championships with the first in 2003 and then five years later in 2008, followed by the most recent in 2013 with the third title. Perhaps our magic number is "five." Needless to say, we've been pretty competitive and always hated, which I just love that. Everyone wants to beat the Dodgers. Each year it never fails for someone within the league to ask me why do I love the Dodgers so much when I reside here in Northern California. Well, it's simple. First, I resided in L. A. for almost 7 years so that is one reason. Second, and most certainly the most important reason, 42. Yes, Jackie Roosevelt Robinson is why I will forever be a Dodger fan. The sacrifices he and his wife Rachel made for not only baseball, but for mankind is something so valuable that all the gold in Fort Knox would not be enough to compare. Just like Hall of Fame manager Tommy Lasorda, I bleed Dodger Blue. Managing this ball club over the years has been a true blessing. Like any other sports organization, there are high's and low's. Thank the good Lord I've been blessed with more "high's." Many of the players I've managed and lead into battle over the years have become more than just my players or soldiers, but friends and family. I love them dearly even when they make my blood pressure hit the roof. This year in 2013 we're off to a decent start and I really like the chemistry with this ball club. In many ways it's been a reunion since many of the players had not been with me for a while. I look forward to the journey that will take us all through the rest of the season.  Thank you to my players that have been with me and their families for allowing them to play the game we all cherish dearly. Thank you to my mother for introducing to me baseball and to my father for his guidance and sacrifices that he made so I could play. Of course, I have to give a very special thanks to the woman of my life, my partner, my wifey aka "Boss Lady" CJ, for not only being a Dodger fan, but for her overwhelming support and love she gives me. Thank you all again for stopping by and I hope to see you all at the yard. GO DODGERS!!!!!

Love, Peace, Health & 2 Seam Fastballs,

Vince Miles #42

Manager, Sac Valley Dodgers

"A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives."

Jackie Robinson