• Registration Opens August 1



 This program is for Township Residents only

Boys 3rd - 8th grade and Girls Grades 3rd-12th

NOTE: Girls who play on the HS team may not play in the recreation league. 

Fee: $75.00 per child

Registration:  Limited spots available in all divisions


 Registration is only accepted online. You must register your child at Community Pass (Click on "pages" and "How to use Community pass"


General Information

  • Practices and games are held at the township’s schools.
  • Team requests or practice times requests due to your personal schedule will not be considered. No switching of teams will be permitted. Coaches may add or switch practice nights throughout the season.  
  •  Teams are drafted in November. 
  • Playoffs for Boys 7/8 grade division


Skills Evaluation Schedule:

There are 3 dates for the skills evaluation (shown below). Your child must attend 1 of the skills evaluations.


Shown below are the evaluation dates followed by suggested times by last name.

Boys and Girls 3-4th grades ONLY (Children 5th grade or older may NOT attend this session)

  • Monday, October 28 at The Community Center: 
    • 6pm: children with last names beginning A-L
    • 7:15-8:30pm: children with last names beginning M-Z

NOTE:  If your child is in 3rd or 4th grade and they cannot attend on 10/28, they may attend one of the sessions shown below.

Boys 5-8th grade and Girls 5-12th Grade (Your child 5th grade or older must attend 1 session)

  • Tuesday, October 29 at Crossroads South
  • Wednesday, October 30 at Crossroads South
    • 6:30pm: children with last names beginning A-L
    • 8pm-9:15: children with last names beginning M-Z

Please plan to spend about 1 hour at the clinic.   

The Community Center is located at Woodlot Park at 124 New Road, Monmouth Jct. NJ

Crossroads South (195 Major Road, Monmouth Junction) - Please go to this website to see the entry location for the clinic Crossroads South Entry Location 


Schedule Overview:

  • Practices will begin in December.  One hour in the evenings during the week.
    • There will be no practices from Friday, Dec. 20- Wed, Jan 1, 2020 
  • Games will begin in early January and end in mid-March.
  • Games are held on Saturdays.


We need volunteer coaches for all divisions. If there are not enough volunteers, your child may not be able to participate.  Register to coach on Community Pass.  NOTE:  All volunteer coaches are subject to a background check.  

Important Dates:


For Coaches:


Skill Evaluation  (Coaches are invited to observe)

October 28 – 3/4th grade (Community Center) – 6-7:15 (A-L); 7:15-8:30 (M-Z)

October 29 – 5th+ grade (South) 6:30 -8 (A-L); 8-9:30 (M-Z)

October 30 - 5th+ grade (South) 6:30 -8 (A-L); 8-9:30 (M-Z)

Thurs, November 14 – Youth Coaches Meeting - 3/4 Grade 6:30 pm; 5-10 grade 8pm

Mon, November 18 – Girls 3/4th Draft (6:30pm)/Boys 3/4 DRAFT (7:30 pm) 

Tues November 19 – Boys 5/6 DRAFT (7pm)

Wed. November 20 – Rutgers Safety Clinic – 7pm

Thurs, November 21 – Boys 7/8 DRAFT (7pm)

Mon November 25 – Girls 5/6 DRAFT (7pm)/Girls 7-12 DRAFT (8pm)

December 2 – Youth practice begins

December 7 – Coaches clinic (Community Center) 9am -12pm

December 14 – Player Clinic (Community Center ) 9am (3/4th grade); 10am (5/6th grade); 11am (7th grade +) - FREE/registration required

Friday, December 20 to Wed. January 1 – No Practice

Thurs, January 2 – Practice resumes

Sat, January 4 – Youth games begin

Sat. March 7 – Last game for 3/4th grade, 5/6th grade and girls 7-12 grade. Playoffs begin for 7/8th boys

March 9, 11 12: Playoffs (Championship 3/12 with coach’s game)