Congratulations to the following winners:


U10 Boys Tournament winner: Carlstadt-LJ's

U10 Girls Winner: HH Frank the Handyman

U12 Girls Winner: HH Heights Eye Center

U12 Boys Winner: NASA-1

U14 Girls Winner: NASA-1

U14 Boys Winner: HH Houlihans


All First round Playoff brackets and games have been added for all genders and ages. 

The Playoff Brackets can be found under the Schedule tab, click on Tournaments, Select the age and gender in the drop down. Select the age and Gender under Tournament and then you will see a pdf File. 


U10 Girls Tournament cancelled for the final time, Mckenzie is snow covered.

For U12 and U14 below are the playoff rules:


Playoff Rules


After Full Time, teams will take a 5 minute break.


Overtime will consist of a 15 minute period, played in it's entirety with No Golden Goal. 


Higher seed gets choice of attacking goal.

No substitutions can be made once overtime starts. If a player is injured and cannot continue a substitution may be made but is ineligible for kicks from the spot. 


If the injured player cannot partake in kicks they will skip their spot.


If still tied after OT, players who were on field at end of OT remain on the field as coaches select players to take penalty kicks in order from 1-11 from roster.


First 5 from each team alternate kicks and higher seed shoots first.


If still tied after 5 kicks, alternate 1 for 1 until a winner is determined or all 11 players have gone than repeat process going 1 for 1.






5.1 Yellow Cards: Yellow caution cards will be accumulated through the season. Any player or coach receiving a yellow caution card will be reported to the league by the referee. 3 accumulated yellow caution cards throughout the season (including playoff games) will result in an automatic 1 game suspension. (Should a 3rd caution be issued on the last game or playoff game of the season the suspension will follow over to the first game of the next season). If the same player or coach receives 2 more yellow cards in the same season there will be another 1 game suspension and will be required to meet with the league games conduct committee before being permitted to return. Any further yellow cards issued in the season result in automatic suspension for 1 game and a required meeting with league rules committee. If 2 yellow cards are issued in the same game to the same player or coach it is an automatic red card (red card rules below will apply) and that said player or coach is to immediately leave the field or risk game abandonment and forfeiture. Yellow caution cards issued because of parents conduct are issued to then present head coach of the team. (for the 2014 season only we will not count previous yellow cards, this will be effective with games played 10/30/2014 and after)

5.2 Red Cards: Red cards that are issued by the referee can be issued to a player, coach or parent which is served by the parent and the then present head coach.

For players: Players that are issued a red card will serve a minimum of a 1 game suspension and up to a 3 game suspension which will be immediately reviewed by the games conduct committee to determine final suspension. Referees will confiscate the players’ player card and it will be returned when the suspension is lifted. A red card suspension means that the player is NOT permitted to be at the field during the team’s next game. Suspensions for red cards will carry throughout the playoffs and should the player receive a red card in the final game of the season and the suspension not be able to be served for a game in that season it will be carried over to the first game of the next season.

For coaches and parents: Both the visiting and home coaches are responsible for the conduct of all persons on their teams and their related spectators.  If a parent or coach is given a red card they will be asked to leave the field immediately or risk suspension and forfeiture of the game for their team. In the event of a red card being issued because of a parent/spectator the then head coach of that team is served said red card. The parent/spectator will serve a minimum of a 2 game suspension and the coach will serve a minimum of a 1 game suspension, which will be immediately reviewed by the games conduct committee for final determination of suspension.  Any coach receiving a red card for any reason other than a parent/spectator will receive a minimum of a 2 game suspension which will be reviewed immediately by the games conduct committee. Any red card suspensions means you will not be able to be at any field for the next number of games of that suspension that the team plays, including playoffs. Referees will confiscate the coaches coaching card and it will be returned when the suspension is lifted. If the coach or parent/spectator appears at the game they are suspended at they will be asked to leave immediately or the game will be suspended and forfeited for their team, this includes playoffs. If a suspension cannot be carried out through this season, because there are no more games to be played, they will be carried over to the next season. Any coach receiving 2 red cards in one season may face possible season suspension after review from the games conduct committee.


1.6 Game Scores

In an effort to limit excessive scoring, any team that wins a game greater than 6 goals differential shall have the then head coach at said game suspended for one game.  In addition, the winning teams score will be reported with only the 6 goal differential. A coach sacrificing a goal and scoring against their own team will still face suspension.