Team registration, field availability and players cards are due no later that August 10.
Given the current State guidelines, play will begin after Labor Day.

U10 Tournament Host Town list has been added to Headlines section on the right side of Home Page.


U10 Girls Tournament - N.A. Sandra's Hair Design
U10 Boys Tournament - H.H. DCH Montclair
U12 Girls - HH3 East Coast Athletics
U14 Girls - Rutherford 1 Blue
U12 Boys - HH2 Froth on Franklin
U14 Boys - HH3 Evo Sports Center



Goal Differential

Taken fron SBSL Rules of Competition

1.6 Game Scores

In an effort to limit excessive scoring, any team that wins a game greater than 6 goals differential shall have the then head coach at said game suspended for one game. In addition, the winning teams score will be reported with only the 6 goal differential. A coach sacrificing a goal and scoring against their own team will still face suspension.

Referee fees for 2019

U14 center ref $60.  AR’s $30 each. (total $60 per team)
U12 center ref $50.  AR’s $25 each. (total $50 per team)
U10 center ref $40.  (total $20 per team)
U12 & U14 only required to pay for refs that are present for game.
If only 1 AR & working like a HS game, full fees paid.
If 1 AR working sideline only, teams split the $30 cost.
Games at Lindbergh Field, Carlstadt
If a game at Lindbergh Field involves 2 out of town teams, those teams are reminded they must set up goals, corner flags and benches and put all away after game. NOTHING can be left on the field.

U12 and U14 Playoff Rules 

After Full Time, teams will take a 5 minute break.


Overtime will consist of a 15 minute period, played in its entirety with No Golden Goal. 


Higher seed gets choice of attacking goal.

No substitutions can be made once overtime starts. If a player is injured and cannot continue a substitution may be made but is ineligible for kicks from the spot. 

If the injured player cannot partake in kicks they will skip their spot.


If still tied after OT, players who were on field at end of OT remain on the field as coaches select players to take penalty kicks in order from 1-11 from roster.


First 5 from each team alternate kicks and higher seed shoots first.


If still tied after 5 kicks, alternate 1 for 1 until a winner is determined or all 11 players have gone than repeat process going 1 for 1.