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  • Our Motto is... Fun In Football For All (or FIFFA)

Southwest Fire Year-end Celebration

Southwest Fire Competitive Soccer Club's year-end celebration took place in Arkona Saturday, at Rock Glen Park, with all the fixings, fun, friends and family. 

There were awards too, delivered after food, Coaches Allison, Duncan and Steve rewarded Luke with best sportsman, Hudson was best rookie, and both took home LaserQuest value packs. 

The results of voting and coaches choices for the remaining rewards went as follows: 

1. Miles C was rewarded as Southwest Fire's Ironman - for getting up when knocked down, and being one of the strongest, most reliable players all season; also considered a strong favourite for MVP

2. Miguel S earned Outstanding Defender - for all his positive clearances and leadership at the back end of the team on the pitch

3. Blake M earned Outstanding Midfielder - winning the vote with ease at 12 votes, more than anyone in any of the other categories, for hard work and positive distribution in the middle

4. Devin S won Outstanding Forward - for his "pace-abuse' style of turning nothing passes into killer goals

5. Brooks I was named Southwest Fire Outstanding Leader - from a tight vote with Amer in 2nd, and lots of vocal direction, encouragement and guidance on the field

6. Owen H was announced as Most Improved Player - starting the season reasonably well, but showing great grit and determination to win balls, pass and support the team even stronger down the stretch

7. And, last but not least, Most Valuable Player went to Daniel W-L for leading the team positively from every position he was asked to play, Solid on D, Positive in Mid, and scoring the most goals of any Fire player upfront. 

Congratulations to everyone who played with the Fire this season, and best of luck in all your future soccer endeavours. Your coaches this season are very proud of your tenacity and fortitude and never-give-up approach to attending all practices and games this season. 

Fire Vote Valuable and Outstanding play + Team Party details

September 3, 2018

Daily polls for you to voice your opinion on who should win some of the following awards will be posted throughout the week leading up to our Team Party at Rock Glen on Saturday, Sept. 8 from 11 a.m. on: 

1. Most Valuable Player

2. Outstanding Forward

3. Outstanding Midfielder

4. Outstanding Defender

5. Outstanding Leadership

Try to be as honest as possible with your voting, identify who you think truly fits the award noted, and be prepared to explain why you voted that way, so you can perhaps say something about that persons abilities, if or when they are awarded at Rock Glen. The voting system will not be the final deciding factor, as the coaches will make these final assessments and reward appropriately. 

Other awards that will be presented may include: Positive Futures, Progressive, Overall Performers, Leaders, Attendance, Sportsmanship and Rookie(s).

Thanks for a fantastic learning experience season, and best of luck next year. I look forward to seeing everyone's progress. 

Coach Duncan



Fire lose first half lead, falling to Oaks

September 1, 2018

Southwest Fire's first half flame fizzled out in the second, as the Fire took a 1-0 lead and turned it into a 5-2 loss to Oakridge FC at Oak Park Thursday night. 

With it being the last game of the season, Coaches Steve, Allison and Duncan settled for a 3-4-3 that worked well in the first half lead built off of a goal kick sent to Miles, then on to Devin, who out-paced everyone to take the 1-0 lead. Brooks, Daniel, Bruno, Zakk and Hudson held their lines at the back through to half. 

The boys were told the other team would be having their typical inspirational half-time talks, and we would need to double efforts to truly maintain and win this game. Regrettably, that didn't happen, and the Oaks took advantage of sloppy coverage, tired Fire legs, and slow to recover in transition forwards and mids - leaving the defenders and goalkeeper with limited support. 

Perhaps, the boys will learn something from this 0-13-1 season, and be able to take that wherever they end up next season and apply some learnings, physical and mental growth and maturity to their play, that's all a coach can hope for, says coach Duncan after the 2018 season wrapped up. 

Thanks for a fun-filled 2018 EMDSL and tournament season Fire families, friends and players. See you at BMO Centre. 

Summer soccer winding down

August 17, 2018

This week in soccer - Southwest Fire clashed with Ilderton Ignite at Meadowcreek Field in Ilderton Tuesday night, and it was another interesting one, where it seemed it would be a romp - 4-nil at the half, then Fire rallied with three goals in the second, yet still fell to a pretty hefty defeat in the end anyway 8-3 for Ilderton. 

Had the Fire defense eliminated shots on goal, it's likely there would have been 4 less soft goals, 2 in each half on Zakk and Robert. They must have faced about 20 shots on or toward goal, and it's only a matter of numbers, if you give up that many shots, there's going to be a couple of mis-handled ones. However, if the keepers make those easier saves, this game is a lot tighter at 4-3 too. 

Daniel stood out big time, as Miles did much of the work in the first half working the ball forward, Daniel took on the same role in the second, when they switched spots. Daniel worked well with Brooks, Amer and Jamaal moving forward and creating chances. In fact he racked up a hat-trick, moving into a three-way tie for team scoring lead with Miles and Devin, all at 4 goals each. 


Southwest Fire @ Oakridge FC, Tuesday, August 21, 2018, 6:30 p.m. @ St Thomas Aquinas High School