Registration for 2019


Registration for the upcoming 2019 season is now open! Please click here to access our registration portal. Any questions or issues, please click here to contact us for support. It's almost time to PLAY BALL! Happy New Year!!


2018 Season - Recap


Please see the recap of the 2018 season written by league president, Guy Pascarello.  Enjoy...


2018 District 7 Champions - Junior Baseball


 Junior Baseball - 2018 D7 Champs

Congratulations to manager John Young and coaches Wayne Wolf and Kyle Thomas on leading their boys to a hard fought, District 7 championship in the Junior Baseball Division!! They defeated Hoboken in the finals, 20-10, after being down 8-1 after two innings.

2018 Major League Champions - ReMax/Infinity


ReMax/Infinity came out of the losers bracket to defeat top seeded Lichtenberger Insurance, 10 - 2 in the finale of the Major League tournament!  Congratulations to manager Randy Worthington and his team for an incredible championship season!

2018 Minor League Champions - Harmon Meadow Jewelry Exchange


Harmon Meadow Jewelry Exchange closed out the Minor League championship by defeating Strobert Foundation, 7 - 3 in the clincher.  Manager Brian Ferguson and his bunch finished the season losing only one game on their way to the title.



This game happened almost ten years ago and still resonates as one of the singular moments of sportsmanship we will ever see.  We should all hope that our children have the kind of compassion and sportsmanship that is shown in this video.  Simply incredible!  Click here and enjoy!