2019 Winter Sectionals


Order of Appearance


The 2 top teams from each division will be advancing to States with the exception of Division 2 Small; for this division the top team from divisions A & B and the top team from divisions C & D will be advancing.




2018 Fall Sectionals


Click this link for Fall Sectional Results 

 Division 1 Small

Coach of the YearTiffany Carnevale from Churchville Chili

Nancy Saxton Leadership AwardCatherine Marks from Spencerport

1st Place:  Spencerport

2nd Place:  Churchville Chili

3rd Place:  Pittsford

4th Place:  Webster Schroeder

5th Place:  Greece Athena


Division 2A

Coach of the YearAnnette Fess from Eastridge

Nancy Saxton Leadership AwardLizzie Perkins from Eastridge

1st Place:  Eastridge

2nd Place:  Wayne

3rd Place:  Midlakes

4th Place:  Aquinas

5th Place:  Palmyra Macedon


Division 2B

Coach of the YearStephanie Beardsley from Red Jacket

Nancy Saxton Leadership AwardGrace Clements from Avon

1st Place:  Avon

2nd Place:  East Rochester

3rd Place:  Perry/Mount Morris

4th Place:  Dundee

5th Place:  Red Jacket


Division 1 Large

Coach of the YearCourtney Tortarella from Victor

Nancy Saxton Leadership AwardLindsey Sharmen from Fairport

1st Place:  Fairport

2nd Place:  Victor

3rd Place:  Hilton

4th Place:  Penfield

5th Place:  Brockport


Division Co-Ed

Coach of the YearMichelle Byam from Webster Thomas

Nancy Saxton Leadership AwardHannah Stuewe from Webster Thomas

1st Place:  Webster Thomas

2nd Place:  Warsaw

3rd Place:  Batavia

4th Place:  Haverling



The "Section V Judges Request for Competition" form

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Here is an update for our Webinar series that includes responses to questions that were asked based on our Rubric Webinar Series.  
This is posted in the NYSPHSAA Cheerleading page and accessible at the link below:





ADs and Coaches


Section V has approved to allow 10% of each Cheerleading Division to move on to the State Championships after Sectional Finals.  This is determined by having the Sectional Winner in each Division move on to the State Competition.  If there are more than 10 in a Division then it will be the Sectional winner plus the school or schools with the next highest scores.  Ex:  If there are 11 schools, we will send 2 schools to States, 21 schools will mean 3 and so on.  If a Division is divided multiple times (Division 2 Small) we will divide according to BEDS numbers in to equal numbers, send the winner and the rest will be determined by the next highest scores within that whole division. Since we have over 60 teams traditionally in Division 2 Small, we use the same set of judges for Sectionals to assure consistency. 





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(Updated (/18/17) 
Also please note: 
NFHS Spirit rules book corrections can be found on the NYSCJA Safety Webpage:




In order to qualify to compete in Sectionals Teams MUST compete in at least 2 sanctioned competitions prior to sectionals.  Alternates MUST be at competitions in uniform in order to count as 2 competitions, if they are needed in Sectionals. Competitions are listed on our website.


Music for sectionals MUST be on MP3 Player, IPODs, etc for clarity, NOT CDs
We will be using 9 mats for Sectionals.

All Classifications will be judged the same with level of difficulty.



This is the link to NYSPHSAA Cheerleading page:
Rubrics can be found here, or under "Score Sheets".


On April 29, 2014 the New York State Board of Regents declared competitive cheerleading a sport.