Due to the COVID-19 situation, the School Department has closed the schools to any outside events indefinitely.  The spring league is postponed until further notice.    



There will be both an A and B division once again with 9 teams per division.  This league is for players 18 years of age and older.  Players can only play on one roster.  Please note, we do not place individuals on teams.  We can forward you information to the league in case teams are looking to add players.   Email Andy at

Congrats to OTB for winning the A Division championship over GLG Corp.  They win 75-72 in a close final!
Congrats to United Youth who wins the B Division final 73-71 over Holy Goats.  Two great games to close out the year!
Brothers Marcel and Eric Brown both win championships!  Marcel with OTB and Eric with United Youth.  Pam thinks this is the first brother duo to each win a separate championship!