• Strong Body, Strong Mind
  • Character Builds Pride, Pride Makes Champions
  • Champions Don't Train Unit They Get it Right, They Train Till They Can't Do it Wrong
  • Leadership, Discipline, Dedication
  • Embrace the Suck




All Wrestlers are required to have: Wrestling Shoes, Headgear, and Mouthguard (if you have orthodontal work)


                             2017-2018 Smithfield Wrestling Team

2018-2019 Season: 4A-Region A TBD, 4A States TBD
2017-2018 Season: 4A-Region A 3rd, 4A States 10th Place
2016-2017 Season: Conference 18 Champions, 4A-East Regional 3rd, 4A States 4th Place
2015-2016 Season: Conference 18 Champions, 4A-East Regional Runner-Up, 4A States 4th Place

2014-2015 Season: Conference 19 Champions, 4A-South Regional Runner-Up, 4A States 9th Place
2013-2014 Season: Conference 19 Champions, 4A-South Regional 3rd, 4A States 3rd Place

2018-2019 Season: BRD (x-x), 4A-Region A (xx), 4A-States (xx)
Varsity Dual Meets (xx-xx; District x-x)