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San Diego... "Get ready for the arrival of the San Diego SIRHOGGS!!!"
With the approach of Season #1, 2010, the San Diego SIRHOGGS are now announcing it's
Starting Quarterback... #15, Craig Harris- from Imperial Beach is the Starting QB!!!
Head Coach, Russell JB Palmer, met with him on October 5, 2009: and made the
decision to appoint him his Field General for the San Diego SIRHOGGS inaugural
year. So, the only question now is, will he be throwing to you on his team-
or will he be throwing against you on one of the other League Teams... 1st Down.

Welcome to the Havenbowl Football League. In this League, "ALL" who come out, join, pay their fees in full, and show a true Commitment- ' WILL PLAY!!! ' Of Course, the Starters will play the Majority of the game, but All players shall be rotated in on each team- that's how we roll...
ALL PLAYERS- must be at least 18 years old- and under 52 years old. ' Have your ID at ' ALL Times.' Verified and accepted ONLY by the Commissioner- (Sir Lunchin).
Invite all your friends, Healthy Enough to Play- we will need 200 or more Players to make this League a sucees... And please Believe me- " Your Success is our Success. " " So Here's To Success! '
Don't Hate on your friends- All are needed for competition, as fans, as Coaches, and as replacements in case of injury, or to find out how far your talent can take you.
I Feel Ya'll that say: " Why Is Semi Pro Football 'ANY' Good For Me? " I address that by saying,
If you feel that you are talented enough to get a serious look by a Pro Team, or a College, this
is the Best, and First Step on that road. Everybody who makes the Commitment- Will Play.
FEES: Let's just get straight down to it... Fees are $400.00. You pay $100.00 , we give you 10 tickets.
You bring another $100.00, we give you another 10 tickets to sell. We keep doing this until all
of the Fees are Paid In Full. When all fees are taken care of, then we will give you some extra
tickets to cover your Helmet, Cleats, and Pads, that ticket money is yours. The more tickets you sell-
the more fans you'll have in the audience. You sell 40 tickets, that means that you have 40 fans-
because they'll be coming to see you, since they heard of us- because of you.
Tickets: The Season will be between 10 to 12 games, the Playoffs, and then the Havenbowl Football League
Championship Game. Game Tickets are $10.00. Playoff Games are $20.00. The H.F.L. Championship
Game is $25.00. Season Tickets are $100.00. The Playoffs and the HFL Championship Game,
" ARE INCLUDED "- that's right... I said they " ARE INCLUDED. "
The Fees Cover: the Practice Field, the Game Field, Referrees, League Fees, Advertisement, Our Insurance,
Your Insurance, the Videographer, Our Security, the Concession Stand, Your 1st Uniform ' ONLY, '
and the Banquet Dinner- just to mention a few of the things needed to conduct a Semi Pro Football
Team and League.

Let's go ahead and answer all questions, and set everything straight right at the beginning...
NO- ' You Do Not Get Paid ' to play Semi Pro Football. What Semi pro Football is/does- is provide
another chance for you to get looked at by a Pro Team, or a Major College if you excell, and/or shop
yourself right... The Perception of Semi Pro Footbal is- that these are the guys that aren't fast
enough, strong enough, big enough, smart enough, and who are to old for the NFL.
Well- " fu*# 'em "... There's Talent to be found ' Everywhere!!! ' Here in the Havenbowl Football League,
we don't trip on that. If you want to play, here are the Quick Rules to make it happen...
a.) NO DRUGS, ALCOHOL, OR WEAPONS ALLOWED in the Possession of ANY Team Player on the Practice
Field, or the Playing Field, that isn't verifiably Prescription Medicine AT ANY TIME.
b.) NO RACISM OR GANGBANGING ALLOWED. Look out for each other, because- while you are a
Team Member of the Havenbowl Football league, and the Chapters of the SIRHOGGS- YOU ARE
FAMILY, or ' YOU ', ' Won't Be Here For Long. '
c.) Players- you will respect all of your Coaches, and call them Coach 'Name'. example: Coach Russell.
d.) Coaches- you will respect all of your Players. you will call them by their name, or preferred nickname.
To do less than that, is the Fastest Route Out of the Havenbowl Football League.
e.) You come to learn- so listen, and learn. If you know more than the Coach, that's okay... This is a
new league for now, so a little mediocracy this year is acceptable, because it's all new. We shall all
learn the same things the first 3 to 5 weeks... After that, your Coaches will be free to implement new
or improved strategies. Speak to them off to the side, at the end of the day. Don't place your
season in jeopardy trying to show up the Coach...
f.) There are NO REFUNDS, you pay for the experience. The Opportunity to Play is based on your willingness
to get along, add to the team, and accept your assignments. I will be checking the Coaches, because
we don't play favorites in this League.
g.) ' DO NOT ' loan your equipment out to people who are not legally on a Team or in this League... WHEN You
get caught- You Both Will Be Thrown Off Your Team- With NO REFUND!!! more rules to follow later.

FIRST PRACTICE: Tuesday December 29, 2009 6PM - 9:30 PM at the
Linda Vista Recreational Center- tell all of your friends who
are interested in physical sports. All you will need to bring
is: a pen, some paper, your valid ID card, and a water bottle.