Welcome to the 2018-2019 Season PW Rangers

Welcome families to the 2018-2019 SJOG PW Rangers.

Practices will be Wednesday evening at 6:30PM for 1 hour.ontacts: Coach Steve Beisel 516-474-8440

                Coach Dennis Campagna 516-652-4958

                Coach Jimmy Dietz 631-827-9313

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2018 - 2019 Season Important Information


2018 - 2019 Season Important Information


Welcome to the Pee Wee Rangers Website and the 2018 - 2019 season.  We are excited to welcome you to our team and look forward to an exciting season.  We hope you will enjoy watching your kids grow over the next few months into stronger hockey players and more importantly, learn the great game of hockey, sportsmanship and making some great friends at the same time.  Just a few items to remind you about:

Important Notes:

·         Please remember the penalty for fighting is a minimum of 4 games suspension with a mandatory review by the Board of Commissioners.  All Slashing penalties are mandatory 4-minute major penalties.  High Sticking is either 2 or 4 minutes at the referee’s discretion.

·         A total of 5 unsportsmanlike conduct penalties over the entire season and playoffs will result in a 1 game suspension.

·         Garbage on the benches, schoolyard and the street should and must be cleaned up.  Use garbage can.

·         No double parking or dropping players off at the gate. Obey all street parking signs and fire hydrants.  This is a public street and two lanes of traffic must be able to pass.  The Parking Lot is for coaches and referees.

·         Try to be on time!  Any player arriving after the prayer, which starts the game, may be benched for the first period at the coach's discretion.  Please call your coach or the shacks phone # 631-232-3269 if you are running late.

·         PeeWee Division plays a two and a half minute timed shift.

·         All players must wear the jersey that was issued to them for their game.  Jerseys will be collected at the end of the season. You may be charged for undue loss or damage.

 Mandatory Equipment:

    * Hockey Gloves    *Elbow Pads    *Protective Cup        *Shin Guards

    * Roller Skates        *Shoulder Pads    *Stick with Butt End

    * Helmet with Full Face Mask & Chin Strap (NO Myleck helmets may be used)


       * If a player chooses to wear a nylon biscuit a fully padded girdle must be worn underneath

Code of Conduct:  Any parent or players displaying abusive behavior towards referees, coaches, players or other parents will not be tolerated. Players will face suspension or expulsion from the league.

·         ALL families are required to work the Shack each week.  A schedule is attached.  If you know there are certain games you will not be available, please coordinate with another family to swap dates.  Children are not permitted to work in the Shack.

·         PLEASE notify Coach Steve, Dennis or Jimmy if you cannot attend a game or practice.  Especially games.  We have to submit a roster prior to game start and if you are late and not on the roster, you may miss an entire period before you can play.

·         Practices will be held every Wednesday at 6:30PM  We will focus on skating and building hockey fundamentals with the kids.

·         All Star Weekend is March 2nd and 3rd.

·         Playoffs will begin March 8th

·         There will be several make-up game weekends this year - See schedule

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Contacts: Coach Steve Beisel 516-474-8440    Coach Dennis Campagna 516-652-4958  Coach Jimmy Dietz 631-827-9313 

The Shack 631-232-3269


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Upcoming Games/Practices
Oct 26
Flames @ RANGERS
Nov 3
Nov 9
Islanders @ RANGERS
Nov 10
Sharks @ RANGERS
Nov 16
Flyers @ RANGERS
Nov 17
Bruins @ RANGERS
Nov 23
RANGERS @ Panthers
Nov 24
RANGERS @ Lightning
Dec 8
Dec 14
RANGERS @ Islanders
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