Welcome to the 
St. Katharine’s Swim Team

This information sheet is designed to give you an overview of the team, our short season, the rules, and answers to frequently asked questions.  Everyone makes the team…. there will be no “cuts”. It is assumed however, that all children joining the Team will be able to safely complete 2 lengths of the 25-yard pool at the first practice.  During our short season we focus on learning how to do the 4 competitive strokes properly and improving times. (PBT’s) 

There are 4 simple rules at SKS Swimming………………..

#1.  Have fun.               #2.  Do your best.

#3.  Be a team.             #4.  Listen to your coaches.


         Place: All practices will be at the Radnor High School Pool

Dates & Times: Mid March thru April

Please arrive a few minutes early so that everyone can stretch and prepare together as a group

Racing suits are recommended but not required. (Wayne Sporting Goods, Toad Hollow in Paoli)

        Goggles are highly recommended but not required. (WSG, K-Mart,etc)

        Swim Caps work well for long haired swimmers. (Wayne Sporting Goods)

We are guests of Radnor High School. Be on your best behavior at all times and respect the equipment and facility (the diving board may not be used at any time).

Since we only have five practices, please try to make them all.

Please, no parents on the pool deck, unless asked by a coach.

Please pick up your children promptly after practice.


TIME TRIALS:                               

We will be using part of the first practice to record the times for each swimmer in a least two strokes.  Since each swimmer can compete in two events at the Championship Meet, we need entry times to submit for each event.  Please think about which two events you would like to enter.  All races for all ages are 50 yards (2 lengths).  The choices are Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly.  If you cannot attend the first practice please make sure that we time you during the second or third practice.


CHAMPIONSHIP MEET:               

** At Radnor High School, TBD

         ** Warm up begins at 3:30pm so please arrive by 3:15pm for a team picture

** “Heat sheets” will hopefully be available so parents will know when their         children are swimming

** Be ready to cheer, and stay together as a team on the pool deck until the meet is over (approx 5:00pm). We will then gather after the meet @ the SKS Cafeteria or some other location for a Pizza Party and Celebration

** Each swimmer will complete in the two events of your choice (decided by the forth practice)

** The age groups are based on your age, not your grade.  All swimmers 10 years of age and younger will be swimming against each other (boy and girls are separate).  Swimmers ages 11 and 12 will be competing against swimmers their own age only (boys and girls separate).  Any swimmers 13 and over will be swimming against each other (boys and girls separate).

** We will be competing against Radnor Middle School.

** Ribbons will be awarded for the top six places in each event.  If they are not ready by the end of the meet, they will be distributed at a later time.

NOTE: Parents are needed to help out at the Time Trial Practice as well as the Championship Meet and Pizza Party .  Experience as a timer or scorer is helpful but not required.  Please let Patty Ceppa know if you are willing to help.

Additional questions?  Please call:

         HEAD COACH:                                       TEAM MANAGER:                                          

         Chris McKee                                           TBD              

         (610) 209-8866 (cell)