Playoff Seeding

   1.Mayfair AC

   2.Holy Terrors- Simon

   3.Holy Terrors -Klepczynski

   4. Juniata- Sanchez

   5. Parkwood - Kennedy

   6. Juniata- Cotto

   7.Fox Rok

   8. Port Richmond

   6-18-18  Juniata vs Parkwood -Kennedy 5:45PM  K & Cayuga St Juniata 12 Parkwood 6

   6-19-18   Holy Terrors - Simon vs Fox Rok 5:45 Princeton & Battersby  Field #1 Holt Terrors 13 Fox Rok  4

   6-20-18  Mayfair AC vs Port Richmond - Johnson 5:45 PM 7374 Edmund St Mayfair AC 8 Port Richmond- Johnson 7

  6-20-18  Holy Terrors Klepczyski vs Juniata - Cotto 5:45 PM Princeton & Battersby Holy Terrors 4 Juniata- Cotto 3

Second Round will Start on 6-21-18

 6-21-18 Mayfair AC vs Juniata - Sanchez at Mayfair AC 7374 Edmund St at 5:45 pm Mayfair AC 6 Juniata 2

6-21-18 Holy Terrors - Simon vs Holy Terrors -Klepczynski at Holy Terrors Field #1 Princeton & Battersby  at 5:45 pm 

Holy Terrors- Simon 3 Holy Terrors - Klepczynski 2


6-26-18 Championship Game  

Mayfair AC vs Holy Terrors - Simon at Mayfair AC 7374 Edmund St at 5:45 PM

Good Luck to both Teams in the Championship Game

And lets have a Great Championship Game

Holy Terrors- Simon 3 Mayfair AC 2

    Holy Terrors Simon won the Championship Game they are the CHAMPS Congrats to the Holy Terrors Simon

Great game by both teams 

Congrats to MAYFAIR AC Runners UP

Great season by Mayfair AC

Thanks to both coaches on a well played game












2nd half schedule


Our 2nd half schedule is now online there are a few games with a 12:00AM start time

these games MUST be rescheduled ASAP contact me with the new dates and time