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Remember that On-Line Registration begins January 1, 2018.  The following is the link to Register On-Line for your convenience:

The following is information relative to your On-Line Registration experience:


1.  You have the option to Register and pay on-line or Register on-line and provide payment via check/cash at your earliest convenience.  Registration Fees are automatically structured for the multi-player/family discounts presented in the 2018 Registration Flyer previously sent to everyone.  There is a transaction convenience fee of $ 3.00 for on-line payment on the entire payment should you choose to pay on-line.  Note:  All players must be Registered regardless if there is a Registration fee assessed because of the family discount.


2.  The Pre-Paid Raffle Fundraiser Tickets are included as part of the On-Line Registration process.  As with previous years you will pre-pay for ten (10)  $ 5.00 Raffle Tickets per player Registered.  The players then can sell those tickets to family and friends to recover the pre-paid costs.  Again, you have the option to pay on-line or provide payment via check/cash at your earliest convenience.  If you decide to pay on-line this amount would be combined with your Registration payment so you would only pay the $ 3.00 transaction convenience charge once covering all charges.


3.  The Concession Deposit is NOT included as part of the on-line Registration process.  Everyone clearly appreciates that this is intended to be a no cost deposit in which we hold but, do NOT cash checks unless you do not fulfill your Concession work requirements.  Including it on-line would have required actually collecting those funds and that defeats the long standing intent to keep this a non-cash transaction unless you do not fulfill your Concession work requirements.  Again, as with previous years, your Concession work requirements will be for each player Registered.


So with On-Line Registration, the following activities still need to be performed in person:


1.  A SCLL Board Member reviewing the original Birth Certificate of ALL Registered players.  Note:  This needs to be done EVERY year per Little League requirements.


2.  Payment, if you decide not to pay on-line or mail payment for Registration Fees and Pre-Paid Raffle Fundraiser Tickets.

3.  Receiving the Raffle Tickets.

4.  Concession Deposit processing and form signatures.

5.  Turning in the Little League School Enrollment Form.  Note:  As in previous years, SCLL highly recommends that you use this form since it is good for as long as your player is enrolled in that school and takes the place of the more onerous three proofs of residency requirement.  For your convenience, the form is attached.

There will be a number of opportunities for everyone to take care of the above in-person items including: 1) Walk-In Registration Sessions, Tryouts, and first practice.  So we will be tracking completion of everyone's 2018 Registration Packages to ensure they are complete.

Finally, two intems:

1.  SCLL is evaluating an investment to provide free Crucible and Diamond's Staff managers and player skills development clinics in January, February, and early March for ALL managers that have submitted applications or players that are Registered as of the clinic dates.  These are new initiatives being considered and the investment would only be worthwhile if at least 15 managers and 100 players Register early enough to qualify to attend these free clinics.  We will be evaluating if Manager applications and player Registration numbers support the investment and let everyone know the results.  So to ensure we can make this investment, please consider submitting your Manager applications now and Registering your players early On-Line.


2.  Related to number 1 above, we are continuing to solicit baseball and softball manager applications for all Divisions.  If you are interested, please submit an application at your earliest convenience.  Manager will be announced the middle of February 2018.  Again, for your convenience this form is attached.
As always, feel free to contact either Jeff or me if you have any questions, need additional information, or would like to discuss anything SCLL.


Again, Happy New Year!


Ernie and Jeff
Ernie Harr - - (301) 8282-7342


Good Morning Everyone,
As part of the periodic, ongoing information exchange practice, as promised, the following are some of the details associated with the Consolidation announcement the we hope will answer a number of your questions.
We established a Consolidation Transition Team and that Team is spearheading working out the details and plans so that everything is ready for the 2018 Season.  The following are the items that have been decided to date:
1.  The name will be South County Little League (SCLL) to reflect the expanded boundary.
2.  The expanded boundary is a full combination of the previous boundaries of SLL and SMLL.
3.  All schools that feed into Boonsboro High School including, the High School are in the SCLL Boundary.
     Boonsboro Elementary School
     Boonsboro Middle School
     Boonsboro High School
     Greenbrier Elementary School
     Pleasant Valley Elementary School
     Sharpsburg Elementary School
Note:  By Little League rule, if your player lives in the SCLL boundary or attends any of the above schools in the SCLL boundary, they are eligible to play at SCLL.
4.  We are planning to maintain both the Boonsboro and Sharpsburg Field Complexes and will have all activities (Tryouts, practices, Opening Day, games, tournaments, etc.) at BOTH Complexes.
5.  We will be Registering for the following Baseball and Softball Divisions of play for the 2018 Season:
     Baseball - League Ages 4 through 16 - Tee Ball, Minor (both Coach Pitch and Player Pitch), Major, Intermediate, Junior, and Senior
     Softball - League ages 4 through 16 - Minor (both Coach Pitch and Player Pitch), Major, Junior, and Senior
6.  Registration Fees for the 2018 Season are:
     $ 15.00 for Tee Ball and Coach Pitch
     $ 30.00 for all other Divisions for the family's first player and $ 15.00 for an additional family player
     A maximum of two (2) Registration Fees per family
7.  On-line Registration will begin January 2, 2018
8.  In person Registration will begin in February and will be held at locations in both Boonsboro and Sharpsburg
NOTE: We are accepting applications for Managers NOW and the Manager Application From is attached for your convenience.  If you are interested in being a Manager for the 2018 Season, please fill out the attached and return the completed form to either Jeff or me using the contact information provided below.  If you have any questions on being a Manager, please contact either of us.  As with previous years, there will be FREE training clinics, both for rules (Baseball and Softball - all Divisions of play) and managers/coaches (at the various Division levels) in February and March to keep you up to date on the rules and provide you with the tools your need to be an effective and successful manager.  Details on these opportunities will be provided in the next news e-mail.  
As always, if you have any question, need additional information, or would like to discuss anything SCLL - please do not hesitate to contact either Jeff or me at your convenience.
Enjoy your week!
Ernie and Jeff
2018 Co-Presidents


The Little League International Charter Committee has APPROVED the Consolidation of Sharpsburg Little League and South Mountain Little League.  We are now one League!  This consolidation will greatly benefit all of the current and future baseball and softball players in our now consolidated boundary.  Stay tuned for additional details in the very near future.
Ernie and Jeff



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