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2020 Meeting Dates


Our Spring mandatory meeting will be Monday June 22nd. <<----This meeting has been canceled!

Our Pre-Season meeting will be Tuesday September 8th at Smithtown East HS, 7PM<<----This meeting canceled until further noticeLook for emails for next meeting.


2019 Referee of the Year

Congratulations to Juan Solorzano for being voted 2019 Referee of the Year!

2020 Dues


Please be reminded that your SOGS Dues are to be sent to Bob Rothschild by February 1st. We will accept them up until February 15th, but please get them into Bob as soon as you can. If you miss the deadline, you will incur a late fee (no exceptions).

FAQs regarding Dues:

Q. Who do I send the SOGS Dues to?
A. Bob Rothschild 

Q. What is Bob Rothschild's address? 
A. 701 Drew Dr. St. James NY 11780 <

Q. How much money should the check be?
A. $125.00 (represents a Varsity fee).

Q. Who do I make the check out to?
A. Suffolk Officials of Girls Soccer (DO NOT WRITE SOGS AS IT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED).

Q. When is the money due?
A. February 1st, but the money will be accepted up until February 15th. Please make this deadline as you have plenty of notice to get a check over to Bob.

Q. What is the penalty for paying the SOGS Dues after February 15th?
A. $125.00 late fee. Dues will be accepted from February 16th - February 28th with the late fee. If Dues are not received by March 1st, the official will be dropped from the Association.
Q. Who do I contact to see if my Dues were received or have additional questions regarding Dues?
A. Bob Rothschild 

The Board Members would appreciate your cooperation in sending in your Dues by the February 1st deadline. Any questions regarding the Dues, should be directed to Bob Rothschild.

Thank you.


This link is provided for referees that officiate using several sets of Rules and Laws of different soccer organizations and rule-making bodies.

Remember, for Section XI games we ONLY use the NFHS rules.




All Goals MUST be secured and anchored

 Please make certain that this rule is enforced from the moment you and your partner arrive at the field.

 1.4.1 SITUATION B:While inspecting the field prior to the game, the head referee detects that the portable goals in use are not securely anchored to the ground.

RULING: The game will not start until the goals are properly secured.


Yellow and Red card reporting procedural change

Please use the new online reporting module for all yellow and red cards issued.

This information will be forwarded to Joe Vas and Anthony Desimone.

 Report all red cards to Section XI via their misconduct form.



Pre-game procedure

From this point on before the start of all games and after the captains meeting, line the teams up facing each other at midfield and read the sportsmanship card to them. A copy of the card is listed below this announcement. Take this time to audibly ask both coaches if their teams are legally and properly equipped.


Sportsmanship Card

The New York State Public High School Athletic Association requires officials to enforce all sportsmanship rules for athletes and coaches. We will not tolerate negative statements or actions between opposing players, especially trash-talking, taunting or baiting of opponents. If such comments are heard or actions seen, a penalty will be assessed immediately. We have been instructed not to issue warnings. Let today's contest reflect mutual respect.


Weekend Emergency Contacts

 If an emergency situation arises on a weekend that needs immediate attention, following are your points of contact.

Pete - 516.313.0444 mobile; 631.277.2811 home

Tom - 631.433.3666

Jim Kay (last resort) - 631.428.6370


Online video of 2018-2019 Rules Interpretation

Online video of 2018-2019 Rules Interpretation