• Southern Ohio Softball League
  • EOS Tournaments June 20-28
  • Mt Orab: 5U,8U,9U,14U
  • Goshen: 6U,7U,10U,12U
  • All-Star Game: June 28-29 at WT Park

2019 All Star Games & High School League

June 26, 2019

This year Batavia will be hosting the All Star Games.

Congratulations to all our players that received votes.

Click the links below to see your age divisions roster.

6u Roster Game will play at 4:00 PM on Saturday June 29th

7u Roster Game will play at 6:00 PM on Saturday June 29th

8u Roster Game will play at 4:00 PM on Sunday June 30th

9u Roster Game will play at 6:30 PM on Friday June 28th

10u Roster Game will play at 7:00 PM on Friday June 28th

12u Roster Game will play at 7:30 PM on Friday June 28th

14u Roster Game will play at 6:00 PM on Sunday June 30th

 ***Coaches please send contact information for your All Stars to the All Star coaches.

 1st, 2nd and 3rd place shirts will be presented at the end of each All Star Game for any team that has finalized its league standing. Please invite your teams to come be part of the fun.  

High School League: Schedules are loaded for the High School league which will begin play on July 2nd at WT Park.

End of Season Games & All-Star Update

June 25, 2019

Now that the tournaments are complete and the weather is terrific, there is no reason for teams not to get their games played by Sunday, June 30th. Please consider doubleheaders if you are limited on nights. It doesn't get too dark to play until around 9:15pm.

If coaches cannot get the game scheduled, then they need to let their district rep know immediately. The district rep will reach out to the other district rep to see what can be done. The district reps have the option to count EOS tournament game if needed. THE DISTRICT REPS ARE THE ONLY ONES TO BE REPORTING THOSE GAMES. Reps will report those games with the same score, mark comments, and sign their names.

We have tie dye shirts again for the top three teams in each division. The following is the SOSLI tie-breaker for standings:

1. Total Wins

2. Winning Percentage (should not factor in to final standings if all teams play a full schedule)

3. Head-to-Head record

4. Total run difference in head-to-head games

5. Least run allowed in head-to-head games

6. Higher EOS Tournament placement

7. Coin Flip

All-Star Games: The All-Star games are to be held this weekend, and will now be hosted by Batavia. Tuesday will be the last date to get your game all-stars posted to the website. Please see the below breakdown of game times/dates.

Friday, June 28th: 9U, 10U, 12U will all play at 6:30pm

Saturday, June 29th: 6U at 4:00pm, 7U at 6:00pm

Sunday, June 30th: 8U at 4:00pm, 14U at 6:00pm

EOS Results: End of season tournament results will be posted this evening. If anyone has pictures of the winning teams, please send them to imcommish@fuse.net.

EOS Results

June 24, 2019

SOSLI would like to thank the field crews, umpires, concession workers and the many other volunteers at Mt Orab and Goshen for an outstanding job during the End of Season tournaments.  Also, a big thank you to all the players for providing such competitive and entertaining games. Results of each division are posted below.

6U Gold

1st Place - Felicity

2nd Place - New Richmond (Parker)

6U Gold EOS

6U Silver

1st Place - New Richmond (Peck)

2nd Place - CNE


7U Gold

1st Place - New Richmond

2nd Place - Goshen


7U Silver

1st Place - Batavia

2nd Place - Lynchburg


8U Gold

1st Place - Fayetteville

2nd Place - Mt Orab

8U Silver

First Place - Eastern

8U Silver 

9U Gold

1st Place - New Richmond

2nd Place - Mt Orab (Taylor)

9U Silver

1st Place - Eastern

2nd Place - Fayetteville (Jordan)


10U Tournament

1st Place - CNE/Eastern

2nd Place - CNE/Eastern

3rd Place - Batavia


12U Gold

1st Place - Fayetteville

2nd Place - Tealtown


12U Silver

1st Place CNE

2nd Place - WT Lancers

14U Tournament

1st Place - Batavia

2nd Place - Eastern

3rd Place - Mt Orab


Deadline Extended!

The SOSLI Board has approved extending the deadline for regular season games to June 30th. The tournament dates and All-Star game will remain the same. Let's hope we get some dry weather over the next few weeks.

This deadline will also impact the High School League. They will now start play in July and will still play a 10 game schedule if weather cooperates.

Dates to Remember

·         High School Team Registration Deadline (see below): June 7th
·         Deadline for End of Season Seeding: Sunday, June 16th (games must be reported by 8 pm)
·         Deadline for Regular Season Games: Sunday, June 30th
·         High School Rec League (details below): WT Park July 1st-July 31st
·         End of Season Tournament (6U, 7U, 10U, 12U): Goshen  June 20th-26th
·         End of Season Tournament (5U, 8U, 9U, 14U): Mt Orab  June 20th-26th
·         All-Star Game: WT Ballpark June 28th-29th (if tournaments are finished)

High School (18U) Rec League

SOSLI High School Rec League is returning to WT Park this season. The league will be for local players ages 14-18 years of age. The rosters will be followed and monitored by SOSLI. Games will be played using OHSAA rules with the exception that all pitchers must wear protective face mask per SOSLI league policy.

When: July 1-July 31 playing double headers on Wednesdays and/or Fridays. The league will do their best not to schedule single game nights.

Where: WT is our host this year, and all games will be played at WT Park (937 Ohio Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45245)

How many games: 10-12 games and an end of season tournament the weekend of July 26th-July 27th (if weather permits).

Cost: $300 per team (league fees will cover umpires and field prep. Teams to provide game balls for regular season games. Game balls provided for tournaments).

Registration Deadline: June 7, 2019. To register/confirm as a team, please email: Jason.Dalton@emeryoleo.com. Please register early as there are only 12 open slots.

Roster: Teams must submit a roster of their players’ names and birthdates. Players can be used from other teams if a team is short, or can add to the roster as long as the player meets the age requirements. Please turn in the 2019 HS Roster Form and payment prior to first game.

Schedules: will be available around June 12th, and will be posted to the SouthernOhioSoftball.com website.

Need more Info: contact Jason Dalton, SOSLI Secretary 513-685-2852 or Jason.Dalton@emeryoleo.com.

2019 Mid-season Results

Championship Monday crowned the 9U, 12U, and 14U mid-season champs, twelve days after the start of the tournament. Thanks to all the players, coaches, and parents for your patience throughout the process as Rachel, Anthony, and Jason worked with the teams in scheduling during a very busy month. Thanks to the volunteers at CNE and WT who fought the weather and worked to get fields ready to play.

On the field we continue to see some of the best "competitive rec" softball being played in Southwest Ohio. It amazes me how far along the 8U and 9U have come since introducing the modified coach pitch. I hardly saw the coaches take the field during the 8U championship games. At 9U I could count the walks on one hand, and that makes for such a quicker pace game. Already looking forward to the End of Season tournament, and wish everyone good luck during the regular season.

6U Championship: 1st-Felicity, 2nd-Goshen, 3rd-New Richmond

7U Championship: 1st-Goshen, 2nd-Lynchburg, 3rd-Mt Orab

8U Championship: 1st-Fayetteville, 2nd-Goshen, 3rd-Batavia

9U Championship: 1st-Fayetteville, 2nd-Mt Orab (Brown), 3rd-New Richmond 


Fayetteville 9U

10U Championship: 1st-CNE, 2nd-Eastern, 3rd-Batavia

12U Championship: 1st-Fayetteville, 2nd-Mt Orab, 3rd-Tealtown

14U Championship: 1st-Bethel, 2nd-Batavia, 3rd-Fayetteville






Play Ball!!!

The schedules have been approved and coaches’ information has been loaded onto the website for most teams. If you’re a coach of a team and would like your email, phone number, or team nickname changed/added to the website, please email the information to Mick McMullen at imcommish@fuse.net. Please remember that there are no forfeits because of mismatched uniforms. So we suggest teams play all scheduled games, even if their uniforms are not ready.

Scoring will once again be posted by the winning team. Each age division will be given a unique password to login. These passwords will be given to all the District Reps to pass along to their coaches. Please try to post your score within 24 hours so the league offices don't have to field phone calls about missing scores.  

The importance of zero tolerance for any verbal abuse to the umpires was again discussed by the District Reps in the off season. The importance of proper parent, player, and coach behavior was stressed to all the coaches in our coaches meeting.  SOSLI will continue to educate the umpires and award the best with the opportunity to umpire tournaments. That being said there will be blown calls and we need to act responsibly as spectators. Encouragement, cooperation, and game experience goes a long way in turning these young adults into successful umpires.


1) If you have a rainout or need to reschedule a game, please contact the other team's coach along with the home team's district rep/field manager to reschedule. SOSLI does not need to know the reschedule date. It is impossible to keep up with the rainouts on the website.

2) Any rainouts should be rescheduled ASAP. Many of the schedules are back loaded with multiple game weeks.

3) To enter your scores, please select the "Schedules" from the Schedules tab, then click the "report scores" box, select the proper game information, and enter your password. Please contact your District Rep for your password.

4) Each coach should enter the player(s) of the game for the opposing team in the comment section of the score reporting.  This information will be used to help determine the All Star selections. The information should always include player's name and number. It is very difficult to tally votes for the "shortstop" or the "lead-off hitter".

5) We also ask you to grade your umpire by clicking the "umpire evaluation" tab.  We will use the evaluations and comments to help better the umpires and decide which umpires to use during tournaments. 


1) Practice, practice, practice! Every kid on the team, regardless of skill level, needs work on his or her game at one time or another. Try to set aside a little time--even if it's just a half hour a week--and work with your child between games. A little practice goes a long way. If you're not sure what your child needs to work on, ask any of the Coaches--we're the ones most familiar with your child's strengths and weaknesses and can suggest practice sessions that will improve your child's playing ability. And it's a great way to spend some quality time with your kids.

2) Coaching is for Coaches. Please resist the incredible urge to coach your child from the stands. It interferes and often contradicts the Coaches' instructions during game time. If you'd like to volunteer as a Coach for our team, them come on down and sign up! We can use the extra help.

3) Think Positive! Negative comments towards your child's playing ability on the field during game time has NO PLACE in the league. We all want our kids to be great players, but we must remember that the kids are there to have fun--this is for the kids, not the parents. On the way home, try and compliment your youngster on his/her playing that day. Never go home criticizing every little mistake...that's the quickest way to turn your kid off.

4) Get Involved. Teams are severely understaffed and overworked. Many parents want to become involved, but worry that they don't know enough about the sport to be helpful. There are plenty of ways to get involved without becoming a Coach or Manager. Volunteering for concession duty, paying for team treats, and help getting the field ready for a game are a few suggestions to help out your coach.

Dates to remember:  
·         Mid-Season Tournament (6U,9U,10U,14U): CNE  May 8th-12th
·         Mid-Season Tournament (5U,7U,8U,12U): WT Ballpark  May 8th-12th
·         End of Season Tournament (TBD): Mt Orab and Goshen  June 20th-26th
·         All-Star Game: WT Ballpark June 28th-29th (if tournaments are finished)

Lightning Safety and Umpire Facebook Page

Please be familiar with "Guidelines for lightning safety" found on page 118 in your rule book. Any postponed game should be rescheduled between the coaches and/or district reps, and scores reported on the original game date.

UMPIRE FACEBOOK PAGE: Are you an umpire looking to get more games?  Please checkout the SOSLI UMPIRE ASSIGNMENT FACEBOOK PAGE where District Reps and Coaches post their umpiring needs. You can also post your available days to umpire each week for the District Reps to see.