Welcome to the 6th Annual Weston Explosion Fall League

49 Teams Registered!



League Format will be as follows:

The Weston Explosion Fastpitch Softball League is designed and created to enhance and improve the quality and talent of competitive Softball in the South Florida area.

The format and scheduling will allow teams in each age division to properly and equally compete against teams of similar experience. The primary goal of this league is to properly evaluate and re-evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each team in each age division on a regular and continuous basis. Each week the schedule will be coordinated to provide the best level and quality of competition.

  • USSSA sanctioned and USSSA rules apply in each division
  • Game times - 1:15 minutes and finish the inning....
  • Longer game times make it more productive and less waiting.
  • Teams in each division will be ranked and evaluated on a continuous basis to create a balanced and competitive schedule for all teams that participate.
  • After each round of play, coaches and directors will provide input within each division and future match-ups will be assigned accordingly.
  • Each week, the head coach of each team will receive a survey where they will be able to list conflicts for the upcoming weekend's games.  Please list only true conflicts (i.e. you cannot field a team) in order for us to provide all teams with balanced and competitive schedule.
  • Games will be held mostly on Sundays through the Fall of 2018, but to accommodate the growing number of teams that would like to participate, teams will need to be prepared to play on Saturdays as well.
  • Unless you request otherwise, or you have a make-up conflict, no more than 2 Games each day so you can still enjoy the day with your family.
  • Game times on Sundays will be 8:00am, 9:30am, 11:00am, 12:30pm, 2:00pm, 3:30pm,  5:00pm and possibly 6:30pm.
  • Games times on Saturdays will range from 8am to 8pm and reasonable requests can be accommodated, but not always guaranteed if there are no other teams available for you to play.
  • The schedule will allow your team to play either Saturday or Sunday, then back to back games or only wait for one game in-between.
  • All games for this league will be played at Vista Park or adjacent parks as needed.
  • Flexible scheduling may be accommodated, but only if it permits balanced competition and other teams are available.
  • The League is designed to provide 4 rounds of 2 games in each round for a total of 8 seeding games. Final double-elimination round on the last weekend. Weather and other unforeseen circumstances permitting.

Questions: Email 


Week 1: Sept 22-23

Week 2: Sept 29-30

Makeup/Rainout: Oct 6-7

Week 3: Oct 13-14

Week 4: Oct 20-21 

Makeup/Rainout: Oct 27-28

Elimination Weekend: Nov 3-4




Parents, Coaches, Teams & Players:

Greetings everyone and welcome to the 6th Annual Season of the Weston Explosion Fastpitch Softball League. 
Welcome back to many teams that have been with us before, and welcome to many new teams that are joining us this season.

As always, our primary mission is to create and implement a great league with a great schedule against comparable teams. 
Your assistance, cooperation and participation in making this happen is greatly appreciated, and we sincerely thank you for participating in the Weston Explosion Fastpitch Softball league.


Here are some important items to note:

Visit the league website often for the latest and greatest updates on weather, schedule, info etc...
If your team still has not paid, please connect with our League Treasurer ASAP or see the instructions on the league. 
To be listed on the upcoming schedule, all teams must be pre-paid so if you are planning to participate please address this quickly.
Unless we encounter some special issues, the schedule for each round is usually posted by Tuesday evening. 
As always, if you have conflicts (not preferences) please connect with your league commissioner on those details.




Weston Explosion Fall 2018 Season

$795.00 by Check In Advance

$825.00 by Credit Card

All teams must be fully paid by

5pm, Friday, September 7, 2018


Only teams that are fully paid will be placed on schedule.


Initial Deposit $200 - Due ASAP to Guarantee your spot.


Initial deposit is needed to confirm your team's participation, but the sooner your balance is received, the quicker your team can be placed on the schedule.  Checks should be made payable to Weston Explosion and mailed to:

Brad Bond

1260 Placid Court

Weston, FL 33327

 If you would like to make a credit card payment, contact Brad Bond at 727-641-8335.



September 16, 2018


 Registered Teams




8U Division

Commissioner: Ryan McCallum


 1. Jupiter Seahawks '10

2. Lee County Crushers

3. Miami Springs Lightning

4. Weston Explosion  



10U Division 

Email to be added to 10U wait list

Commissioner: Juan Murgas 


 1. Coral Springs Panthers '08

2. Coral Springs Panthers '09

3. Gold Coast Hurricanes

4. Hollywood Heat

 5. Immokalee Aces

 6. Miami Springs Lightning

7. Miami Stingrays

 8. Miami Stingrays Black

9. PLO Bandits

10. South Florida Contenders

11. Wagner's Plantation

12. Weston Explosion '08

 13. Weston Explosion '08/'09


12U Division


Email to be added to 12U wait list

 Commissioner: Brad Bond


1. Boca Impact '06

2. Coral Springs Panthers Red

3. Diamond Dusters '06

4. Diamond Dusters '07

5. Florida Power Black '06

 6. Gold Coast Hurricanes '06

7. Gold Coast Hurricanes Legacki

 8. Gold Coast Hurricanes Viruet

 9. Intensity

10 Lady Ballers

11. Miami Springs Lightning '06

12. Miami Springs Lightning '07

13. Miami Stingrays Black

14. Miami Stingrays Red

 15. Naples Lady Hammerheads 

16. Palm Beach Gardens Lady Gators Blue

17. South Florida Contenders Blue

18. South Florida Contenders Silver

 19. Weston Explosion '06

20. Weston Explosion '07


14U/HS Division

For this group, teams may play across divisions during league play to promote competition.   There will be a separate 14U and HS playoff.

  Commissioner: Rob Fusco



1. Coral Springs Panthers Hoyt (14U)

2. Coral Springs Panthers Staubly (14U)

3. Cypress Bay (HS)

4. Diamond Dusters Gonzo (HS)

5. Miami Lady Canes (14U)

6. Miami Lakes Heat (HS)

7. Naples Lady Hammerheads (14U)

8. PBG Lady Gators (14U)

9. South Florida Intensity (14U)

10. South Florida Intensity (HS)

11. Ruthless (HS)

12. Storm (HS)

13. Wagners Plantation (HS)

14. Weston Explosion (14U)