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LLAVE 2018

All-Time Stats Last Updated on 11/17/2018



General Information

The Game


Llave translated to English simply means keys.


The game is kind of a cross between horseshoes & washers. The object of the game is to simply hit any part of the stake on the fly.


Players score 1 point for hitting any part of the stake on a fly.


Each player throws 4 ficha each round or inning, so 4 points is the highest point total a player can score per throw.


Games are played to 21 or the end of 9 innings which ever comes first. In case of a tie at the end of regulation 1 extra inning will be played…if the players are still tied, the game will end in a tie.


Scoring & stats are kept like baseball; there are Throws, Hits, 2b, 3b, HR, K & Avg., W, L, and T.


Distance from the throwing box to the Llave stake is approximatley 35 feet 6 inches & the ficha weigh around  9oz. 


Games are played on Friday nights around (7:00 p.m.); blind draw teams, however as long as 2 players are able to play they may play any day of the week. Players must simply fill out a score sheet and put it in the folder & the games will count as regulation.

You can find pictures of the Llave stake & fichas in the photo album.

Game Results

Since we do not have an official league currently running, once an official game is played you stats will be automatically updated in the All-Time stats section of the web site.

The All-Time Stats are all currently updated through 05-03-2018

If you have played the game in the last couple of years, you are listed in the All-Time Stats.

History & Stats

   Over the years the stats and records from the Llave league have been lost or damaged, we are always looking for any information on this popular game of the past. If you have any stats, old trophies or any kind of documentaion we could use to update the history of the league...it would be greatly appreciated.