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Congratulations To Team Allen 2017-18 League Champions- 3peat &

Dave Dyonzak-2018 Singles Tournament Champion.

The Game of Rana

Rana – Translated to English simply means frog.


The object of the game is to throw the ficha (meaning disk) into the frogs mouth.


Each player throws 6 fichas per round and games are played to the score of 1500.


Teams are comprised of 3 man teams.


There are various holes on the table with different point values, ranging from 10 points up to 300.


A rana is worth 300 points, the mill ( the spinner on the table ) is worth 100 points, the value of the points increase from the rear of the table to the front.


The distance from the foul line to the front of the table is 13 feet.


The fichas weigh about 2.25 oz.


You can find photos of the Rana tables & Fichas in the Photo Album.



  As of 04/13/2018- The All-Time Stat list is up to date.