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Welcome back for another exciting season of baseball.

Our New Executive 

President- Brett Wood

Vice-President- Adam Brown

Tresurer/Secretary- Carys Wood

Technical Director/Little League Coordinator- Brett Wood

Past President- Forrest Gallagher 

Fundraising Director-





All cancellations will be posted by 5pm the day of the event. We will do our best to post earlier if the weather is really bad however due to scheduling conflicts, we will try to play whenever it is possible. Brett Wood is our technical director and he will post al cancellations after talking to all parties involved. If you have not seen a post, the game/practice is on. Please do not message myself, coaches, Brett, etc, asking about cancellations as it is hard to response to all parents. Coaches will post in their individual groups after an Association decision has been made. The Peewee and Rally Cap oaches will be required to contact Brett with any cancellations and he will post them in a timely manner. 



Attention Parents of Kids aged 4-7

Springhill Minor Baseball will be following Baseball Canada's Program for this age group.


Instead of "T-BALL" we will be running the Rally Cap system. This is a practice plan and achievement system designed to develop kids at a younger age. Our coaches recently attended a course in Moncton where they explained how this system needs to be run. Different from the former TBALL, players will be taught to their abilities and cap level(i.e. a red cap will be hitting from a pitch not a tee). This will help the kids develop into better ball players. Tees will still be used for practice purposes to help develop the kids swing. I do not want parents to think that because their kids are being played in the Rally Cap development system, that they will be using a tee and not get any better. It will be different than past years as this is first year that SMB is following this system. I encourage all of you to read the attached link on the Rally Cap system. 

Paul Sharpe will be the coach of this years team and practices will take place Tues/Thurs @6pm at the Princess St field.



Don’t Forget

Criminal Record Check Deadline July 1st


Coaches will be REQUIRED to have criminal record check/child abuse registry clearance. Volunteering for one of these positions is a great way to help our youth learn the game of baseball. Our town is filled with many amazing volunteers and we look forward to working with you all.