Welcome to the 2018 season!

Games are being played this year on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday nights.  Springfield Lake & Eddie LeBlanc are the fields being used.  Please address any issues with the fields with the league brass.

Each team will play each other twice during the regular season.  Playoffs to follow.

Please be sure to send your scores of each game to Donnie Hutton 902-497-1586. 




Beer Receipt Program
Our League is Sponsored by Molson. The more our League Drinks their products the more we get in return.

Its pretty simple. Just save your receipts and for every 10 receipts you have you will receive one free case of what ever your ten receipts are. Save 10 - 24's, receive 1 - 24.

We will find out how the process will work for turning in receipts and who our current Molson Rep is.

Upcoming Games/Practices
Sep 25
2018 Season
Rangers @ Sportwheels
Sportwheels @ Rangers
Asap Burners @ Gamblers
Gamblers @ Asap Burners
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