Welcome to the home of the

Springfield High School Baseball


Welcome to the home of Springfield High School Baseball

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2019 Fundraiser Coupon Sheets Distributed

March 6, 2019

All players trying out for SHS Baseball should have received the 2019 fundraiser coupon sheets this week. Each player received 20 sheets to sell.  Each sheet is $25 and includes valuable coupons to many local establishments.  Support local support your team.


From Coach Francis

"No one fails or succeeds alone. Every single person you affiliate with will pull you closer to either greatness or mediocrity."
-Coach Jack Ramsey


2019 Player Information Form

Please use the  ONLINE FORMS  link to the left or the  PLAYER CONTACT INFORMATION FORM  link to the right to complete and submit your player's information.  You will need phone numbers, e-mail addresses and player sizes to complete.


2019 Pay My Dues and/or Buy Banquet Tickets

Use the  PAY / DONATE HERE  link in the frame on the left to quickly and easily pay your 2019 SHS baseball dues ($150) and buy tickets for the baseball banquet ($25 each) on June TBD at the Lazaretto Ballroom. Banquet tickets must be purchased by May 31.



Support SHS Baseball Boosters

Our major annual fundraiser for 2019 will be coupon sheets.  SHS Baseball is selling each sheet $25.  If you are interested, please contact any player or SHS Baseball Boosters board member (see Contact Info).  Coupon sales will continue throughout the season.  

Volunteer to champion a Booster team or find out where help is needed.  Please see the Volunteer Central listing under the SHS Baseball Boosters link.

If you would like to support the SHS Baseball Boosters directly, you can submit your tax-deductible gift online via the PAY / DONATE HERE  link on the left side of the page.       Thank you!!


When and Where Do We Play?

Select  SCHEDULES  in the left frame to view team schedules.  If you would like to subscribe for game time and location e-mail reminders, select  TEAMS  and choose your team.  Select the [Get Schedule Reminders] button.  You will need to create a leaguelineup.com account (free), specify SSDCOUGARS as your site and then adjust your reminder timing to your preference.

Just looking to catch any game?  Then select  CALENDAR  to see who's playing when.  Directions will be loaded under Venues as soon as we get the opportunity.


Coach Gave Me a Paper and I Lost It

Look under  HANDOUTS  (or in the bottom of your baseball bag all crumbled up).



2019 Player Welcome Packets

Download the 2019 Player Welcome Packet (click here) .

Parents:  You can sign up for the snack bar by using our SIGN-UP GENIE (click here).


2019 SHS Baseball Team Pasta Night -- *TBD* -- at SHS Cafeteria

April 9, 2018

The SHS Baseball Pasta Night has been rescheduled for *TBD*.  This event is held in the SHS cafeteria.

Thank you for volunteering to those who volunteered to help and/or bring items!

All Teams Invited - Freshman, JV and V.  Please drop off your pre-cooked (and hot, please) items by 5pm on Thursday.  Note: we do not have the ability to *cook* items; we can only heat / keep them warm (with stern tables).  Ideally, try to bring your dish warm.  Dinner should start around 6pm due to the rescheduled games.  Volunteers are also needed to set up (arrive 4:30pm) and tear down (around 7pm).

SEE the SIGN-UP GENIE to register to bring something (click here)


2018-9 SHS Cougar Baseball Fall-Store IS OPEN (until Nov 5)

October 23, 2018

The 2018-9 SHS Cougar Baseball Store is OPEN!  It will remain open until Nov 5.  Everyone is welcome to join in, baseball players, parents, fans, SHS, ETR, Scenic, Sabold... Kevins, Francis, Holy Cross... everyone and anyone who wants to be a Springfield High School Cougar baseball supporter!

Click the picture below to enter the store now!  Or, go to www.bsnteamsports.com and enter access code SHSBB.

Recent former SHS players - How are they doing?

Follow some of our recent SHS graduates as they play college baseball.  Visit the SHS Baseball Alumni to catch some highlights.