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Stanislaus Senior Softball Association

Rainout Phone Number is (209) 571 5895.



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Happy New Year to Senior Softballer's!!!
   We are entering our 30th year of SSSA and we are encouraged with the upcoming season. 
 We will continue to honor the Golden Members of our Association,  we are honoring our members that are 80 and over with at least 10 years in our Association, a flat registration fee of $50 per league they play in.. if you play in two leagues, the total fee would be $100.  
    Last and best..  We will honor our members that are 85 and over with at least 5 years in our Association, a free ride.  The registration fee for the league will be $ 0, no better way to honor them, let them play for free, they deserve it.. 
   If you are one of the members that are 80 and over and have already paid your 2018 registration fee, don't worry we will reimburse you the excess money, just give us a little time to do this..  
Thank you guys for starting this Association, We are all indebted to you!!
Have fun this year and remember, we are still the top local association in the USA

Add Your Email Addresses

If you wish to Add Your email address for SSSA, go to "Join our Email List, "Click Here" on the left side of the Welcome page of the SSSA website. Enter and just follow the directions. We will only be adding email address's for our new members during registeration. If you change your email address it will be your responsibility to inform us of your new email address. We will delete all underliverable email addresses.

SSSA Team Shirts & Caps



  It has been noticed that a couple of members have recently altered their shirts.  The sponsors pay for the shirts, not the players and it is not acceptable to cut the sleeves off or alter the shirt in any way.  Let's honor the sponsor by wearing the shirt as intended, if you alter the shirt, you will be asked to replace it at your cost. 

   The wearing of caps other than the SSSA cap is also not acceptable, with the exception of members who have skin or health issues that require coverage from the sun.  Please be responsible with your choice of head cover.

   Managers, it is your responsibility to ensure that your team is aware of and adheres to these requirements.

Thank you, 

Don Angle

President, SSSA


New CPR Method

New CPR Method, please view the video, it may help you save a life, maybe a family member.... 



General Meeting Minutes

Happy Birthday SSSA members!!!!!!  Please check out the calendar, if your date is incorrect or you are not on it, let me know.