StL Varsity Showcase

JULY 16-18, 2020  


Coach's Comments

The STL Varsity soccer showcase provides interested coaches & players an opportunity to prepare for the upcoming season in an environment that meets & exceeds most pre-season training. The venue, competition, sportsmanship, officiating & organization of the showcase is consistently excellent. We started coming in 09 & use it in conjunction w/ our team camp the week of the showcase & we use the showcase to promote team building over the three days which is essential due to the length of the HS season. Over four competitive games coaches & players have a more honest sense of where they are individually & collectively a month prior to tryouts. Moreover it helps both players & coaches see where they need to improve based on depth, ability, graduation of starters etc against other varsity level players.  This is truly a showcase for preparation & development allowing HS players to build their confidence & improve in game like conditions showcasing strengths & needs.  It allows coaches if needed to try different players in different positions, to try different systems, to observe team/player chemistry & to identify skills & tactics needing improvement in pre-season. The showcase has been a defining experience for our program.
Chris Lawson
Rockhurst High
1998, 1999, 2007, 2008, 2010 & 2013 
Missouri State Class 3 Champions 
"Our team has been attending the STL Varsity Soccer Showcase since 2009 and our experiences in St. Louis each summer have been vital to our success over the past five seasons.  The event gives us the chance to evaluate players, experiment with different formations and strategies and build team chemistry.  The competition is outstanding each year and Jim and Andy do an excellent job accommodating each school's requests when it comes to scheduling.  This event is a great starting point for any program who expects to win championships."
Brian Hensyel
Washburn Rural High School (Topeka, Kansas)
2002, 2009, 2012 Kansas State Class 6A Champions

Event Purpose

This event was developed to provide a high quality training experience for high school varsity soccer teams. There will be competitive, yet friendly, matches allowing teams to learn more about themselves as they prepare for the upcoming season. In addition, players will have the opportunity to gain exposure from many college coaches that will be attending the event. TO ENTER THE EVENT, CLICK ON THE "COST/ENTRY FORMS" MENU UNDER THE "PAGES" TAB AT THE TOP.

Team Camp

Under MSHSAA By-Laws coaches in Missouri may now see their players for sport specific activities for 25 contact days each summer. This event is classified as a non-school team camp. It is legal for any high school in Missouri to attend and will count as 3 contact days for your program. Missouri also instituted the mandatory 9 day "dead period" for all schools during the summer months. Many schools have chosen different dates, so we hope the weekend we have chosen will not conflict with too many dead periods. Teams from other states should check their guidelines to ensure compliance.


The event can accommodate at least 40 teams. Each team will play a total of 3 games (1 Thursday PM, 1 Friday, 1 Saturday AM).  Check the "Format" menu for more details.

The "main event" of the weekend will be two showcase games held on Friday night. The teams for the showcase will be made up of the top players from each team.


Teams from Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, and Indiana have all participated in the past.  We will continue to invite teams from a wide geographic area in order to create more diverse competition. We will make every effort to place teams from the same conference, or that play each other routinely, into different pools.


If your team is coming from out of town, be sure to check the "Hotels" menu on the left side of this page.