2017 season  

 All teams when you play your first games there will be line-up cards ,score books and 6 balls for each team with the team name on it in the lock box.

Good luck to all teams



Please make sure all your players have registered on-line.

Noelle's email address for e-transfers is

your final payment of league fees are due following your first scheduled game



ALL SCORES must be texted,e-mailed or called into Tina with in 48 hours or it will be posted as a tie 7-7.

604-313-0507 or



Season 2016
Reminder: During the month August ,with the single games Home team sets up and Visitors take down.

Uniform Rule:(Voted Feb 28,2012)
All players must have a Team Uniform. If more than 3 persons are missing a Team Uniform ,then the team will be fined $25.00.

Winning Team is to call in or email scores with in 48 hours,Please check scores when being posted as there has been discrepancies.

Please remember that the League is providing score books this year and that they will be turned into the league before playoff.

Please Note:
Dia #1 is by the Pool
Dia #2 is by the play ground
Dia #3 is by the superstore.

Please note that there is a grace period of 10 min ,but the clock does start at scheduled time.
If you notice that some scores maybe wrong ,please e-mail Tina.

Also please remember if you have any questions regarding the league please call , Tina (604-313-0507) or Denise Foster @ 604-619-7490



All scores need to be called,texted,or emailed with in 48 hours after your game.The winning team is responsible for calling in score.If a score is not called in with in the time line given it will result in a tie game 7-7.

It is always good to check your scores when they are posted to make sure they are all correct.If there is a mistake please email Tina and let her know ASAP.



We are doing on-line registration for season 2017

Dead line for online registration for teams to add a players will be July 27,2016,there will be NO changes or Add on after these dates.



Rain outs will be posted by 5pm .We will not call teams.please check Website.



League Rules & Format

-There is no Stealing(voted in Jan 28 ,2010)
-There is a committment line at home ,NO LIVE PLATE (Voted Feb 28,2012)
-The age limit is 19. Each team may have one 18 year old (or a player that will turn 18 in the current calander year, with parental consent)
-No bunting
-Games can be protested. The team protesting will be charged $50.00, which will be returned if their appeal is successful. To protest, a letter must be submitted to the Protest Committee Chairperson within 48 hour of the protested game.
-Mercy rule is in effect if a team is ahead by 12 or more runs at the end of the 5th inning. No exceptions.
**NEW**innings 1-5 has a 5 run maxium,inning 6 and 7 are open.
-5 courtesy runners allowed per game.Can not use the same runner twice.NO gentlemens aggreement. Runners can be used at any base.(vote in March 11,2009)
-Home team is the official scorekeeper.
-Teams may have an unlimited number of batters (or EP's) on their line-up, but they must complete the game with the same number of batters they started with. In the event of injury, with no spares, the team will take an out for that batter.
-If a team's roster is not handed in by the deadline, that team will forfeit any scheduled games until the roster is handed in.
-Catchers mask is not mandatory, but is recommended.
- No new inning to start after 1 hour and 10 minutes. Each inning must be completed. 5 completed innings constitutes a complete game (4 1/2 inning if home team is ahead).
-Composite Bats: SPN list on legal and illegal bats will be honoured
-line up cards should require all players and spares,if a player is not on the line up card and shows up to play,they can not be entered in to the game after the first completed inning.
-Rosters: 20 persons per roster ,You must have played 4 games to play in the playoffs. (Voted in March,2011)

PREGNANCY RULE:(Rule Voted to Stay in affect Feb 28,2012)
If it is evident and/or confrimed to an official that a player is pregnant, then for reasons of safety and for the possible detrimental effect that such participation may have on other players' performance, SWSPA will not knowingly allow a pregnant player to play.


September 9, 2017 – 08:15 AM


Port Kells Park

88th Ave just off 192nd Street


This will be a one day tournament, with 3 game guarantee, single final

There will not be Divisions and/or Round Robin

No new inning after 60 min (except in final) no game over 75 min

Diamond 1 is by street, Diamond 2 by pool/playground


8:15 AM  D1  TNT vs Coyote Ugly

               D2   Wildones vs Rampage

9:30 AM D1   Spitz vs Winner of 8:15 game on D1

              D2   SOS vs NBA