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Closing Ceremonies

Jerry Jambazian did a great job of documenting our Closing Ceremonies through pictures.  You can check them all out here:  2018 TCALL Closing Ceremonies

Congratulations to our League Champions:

Major Red Sox

PCL Dodgers

Cal State Pirates


Congratulations to the 2019 Board of Directors:

Jefferson Hoff

Heidi Pure

Veronica Paredes

Holly Smith

Ashley Messersmith

Marie Rivas

Shelley Scanlan

Stacy MacMillan

Marissa Parra

Joshua Kelley

League Pictures

Thank you to everyone who came out for our Opening Ceremonies.  You can find pictures taken by Jerry Jambazian (who gave us the honor of throwing out the first pitch) by clicking here.

There are also some pictures of our league in the Camellia Parade here.

We are very grateful to Jerry and all the great photos he takes for our city.  You can find more pictures from past seasons on the website, Temple City Photos.

New Bat Rules


We want to remind you that there are new bat rules for the 2018 season.  Bats that were approved for play in 2017 are no longer acceptable.  Please make sure that you are certain any bat you are buying is legal for use in the 2018 season.  There will be stores with huge discounts on bats that will be of no use for your child in the upcoming season. 

This link will provide more information about the new bat rules.

As a summary on the new bat policy:

  • Only bats with the USA marking will be acceptable for use in practices and games.
  • Wood bats are an acceptable alternative to the new USA approved bats.
  • TCALL will have at least one new bat in the equipment for each team this season.  These bats are for players on the team to share.
  • We anticipate being made aware of discounts on the new bats, and will pass along that information to you when we receive it.
  • Prior to the start of the season we should have a big discount day at Dick's Sporting Goods, as we have had the past few years.  This would be a good opportunity if you want to purchase a bat for your child.

We know that the bat change is a pretty big deal, especially when there are bats out there that cost hundreds of dollars.  We hope that this information can help with making the transition smoother and avoiding any headaches that the new rules could cause.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.