Town & Country Complex Information

Please remember to keep ALL coolers and ice chests in the parking lot and out of the complex.  Our snack bar will be up and running throughout the weekend and we encourage you to support our baseball program with your patronage.  

Please remember that T&C is not a public park.  Visitors are expected to observe the Zero Tolerance Policy, which prohibits:

  • Violence-Physical or Verbal
  • Alcohol
  • Noise Makers
  • Tobacco Products-ALL Types
  • Littering
  • Pets-Leashed and Unleashed
  • Tailgating
  • Onsite cooking - this includes all T&C parking lots (T&C's permit does not allow public cooking or preparation of foods outside of our concessions).
  • No oversized vehicles including campers without prior arrangements.

This Zero Tolerance Policy applies to all visitors for every event attended at the complex.  Any patron violating these policies will result in a warning to correct and/or asked to leave the T&C property.