Ribbons/T-Shirts/End of Season Awards

If you did not receive your race ribbons, team t-shirt(s), and/or end of season awards, don't worry, we know who you are and we have everything packaged up and ready to go. Please check your email and follow the instructions to arrange pick-up or delivery.

Thank you!

This Wednesday, July 31st is your last chance to order official Team Barracuda apparel in 2019.  Please remember that a portion of all sales comes back to Team Barracuda.  Here is the link:




We expect to re-open the team store around the time we open registration for next year. 


We hope everyone is enjoying their summer and thanks again for a great season!

ACTION REQUIRED! - Ribbons, All Stars, End of Season Party, Team Store

Barracuda Families,


Following are a few important notes about Team Barracuda happenings this week:


  • Ribbons - All ribbons for this season's meets are now available.  Please come to practice one night this week to pick up ribbons for your swimmer(s), even if you do not plan to practice.  We will also have them at the All Star meet on Saturday and at the End of Season party on Sunday.  We want to make sure all swimmers get their ribbons by this Sunday!


  • All Stars - If your swimmer(s) qualified for the WTSA All Star meet this Saturday at Nansemond Swim Club, you have been notified by Coach Art.  Please let Coach Art know by 5pm TODAY if you plan to attend the All Star meet and swim the event(s) for which you qualified.  If you have a qualifying swimmer and plan to attend, you will be assigned a volunteer role for the meet.  Stay tuned for that info later this week.


  • End of Season Party - The End of Season Party is this Sunday, June 14th from 4pm to 6pm at the Riverfront Swim Club.  You do not want to miss it!  We will have food and drinks compliments of Team Barracuda, awards, and swimmer gifts (t-shirts).  We will also be taking a team picture, so wear your team swim gear.  If you do NOT plan to attend, please let us know by emailing swimteambarracudas@gmail.com by this Friday.


  • Team Store - Please remember that our online Team Store remains open until July 31st for all orders. Team Barracuda receives a percentage of all orders, so please take advantage of this opportunity for order some official Team Barracuda gear for next season. https://imagesport.com/search.aspx?searchterm=barracuda


Please take action as requested on the items above noted in bold type. 


As always, thanks for your support of Team Barracuda!

IMPORTANT!! - Meet #6 Reminder, Practice Schedule for the Next 2 Weeks, and All Star Meet Info

Due to our bye week being the last week of the season, our final meet of the season is this Saturday morning at Nansemond Swim Club at 8907 Eclipse Drive in Suffolk.  Please arrive by 8am and check in with Coaches Art & Kristina.


If you cannot attend on Saturday, please advise both Coach Art (coachart.ecat@gmail.com) and Beth DeFeo (bethdefeo@hotmail.com) by tonight.  Also, as a friendly reminder, if you have to leave the meet early, please let Coach Art know prior to the meet so he can make the necessary schedule adjustments.  If your swimmer is assigned to a relay and they are not present, chances are very good that we will have to scratch that entire relay, which deprives the other swimmers of another event.


We've had some questions about the practice schedule for the final two weeks of the season leading up to the All Star meet on Saturday, July 13th, so here it is:

  • Normal practice at Riverfront and Founder's Pointe will be held on:
    • Monday, July 1st
    • Tuesday, July 2nd
    • Wednesday, July 3rd
    • Monday, July 8th
    • Tuesday, July 9th
    • Wednesday, July 10th
    • Thursday, July 11th

We will not practice on Thursday, July 4th in observance of Independence Day.  All swimmers are welcome and encouraged to attend practice, including the 2nd week of July even if you do not qualify for the All Star meet.


All Star meet qualifiers will be notified by late in the evening on Sunday, July 7th.  Coach Art can answer any questions about All Star qualifying parameters, so please feel free to email him.  DO NOT ASSUME that you will not qualify.  If the qualifiers by time are unable to swim at the All Star meet, Coach Art will select the next fastest time(s).


REMINDER - If you have not already, please email t-shirt sizes for your swimmer(s) to swimteambarracudas@gmail.com or see Jeremy Starkey at practice tonight or the meet on Saturday.  We need all sizes by the end of the meet on Saturday.

We are pleased to announce that the Team Barracuda end of season party will be held on Sunday, July 14th at the Riverfront Swim Club from 4:00pm to 6:00pm!  Food and drinks will be provided and the pool will be open for fun. We will also recognize our swimmers and coaches at this event. Please remember to provide t-shirt sizes for your swimmers by the end of the meet this Saturday. Thanks!

Barracuda Families,


We are excited to announce, for the first time ever, a Team Barracudas Online Store!  Here's how it works:


1) Between now and July 31st, click here -  Barracudas Summer Swim Team or copy and past this link into your browser https://imagesport.com/m-199-barracudas-summer-swim-team.aspx

2) Select the items you would like to purchase.


3) Purchase the items and Team Barracuda earns a very nice percentage of your purchase. 


4) Items purchased will be shipped directly to your home, arriving around the middle of August.


Additionally, as a member of Team Barracudas in 2019, each swimmer will receive a complimentary Unisex Short Sleeve T-Shirt with the team logo on the front and our 2019 sponsors on the back.  Do not purchase these for your swimmer unless they need more than one.  We need the t-shirt size for your swimmer by the end of the swim meet this Saturday in order to hand them out at the end of season party (TBD - stay tuned in the next couple of days).  Please email your sizes to swimteambarracudas@gmail.com or see Jeremy Starkey at the 7pm practice tonight, the meet on Wednesday evening, or the meet on Saturday morning. 


Thank you for being a part of Team Barracudas in 2019!


Barracuda Families,


Our next meet is at home tomorrow evening, Wednesday, June 26th against Smithfield Swim Club.  Please arrive no later than 5pm at Riverfront and check in with Coaches Art and Kristina for event assignments and warm ups.


If you are unable to attend please let Coach Art know by this evening at coachart.ecat@gmail.com.  If you are unable to volunteer, please let Beth Defeo know by this evening at bethdefeo@hotmail.com.


The volunteer assignments for tomorrow evening are as follows:

SET-UP & CLEAN-UP: Hampton & Riggs



STROKE & TURN JUDGES: Holcomb & Sterns


BULLPEN: Jackson, Wijas & DeFeo


TIMERS: Nwadi, Cole, Chase, Graning, Hicks, Hodsden, Morring, L. Moores, K. Moores, ___________ (STILL NEED ONE MORE TIMER)

CONCESSIONS: Harnish, Pillsbury & Hartgerink

Barracuda Families,

Thanks for all of your help with and participation in the meet last night.  After a short weather delay, we were able to get underway, but had to cut the meet short because the Tsunami team has a contractual stop time of 9pm at the Burbage Grant Pool. 

Now that we have a few meets under our belt, here are a few helpful hints:

Logistics to Help the Meet Go Smoothly

  • Please try and arrive by 8am for Saturday meets and 5pm for Wednesday meets.  This allows time for the coaches and volunteers to write race #s on arms and make any last minute changes.
  • If you are going to miss a meet, even if you already indicated so at registration, please email Coarch Art at coachart.ecat@gmail.com at least 24 hours prior to the meet if possible, or as soon as you know. 
  • If you have to leave the meet early for any reason, please find Coach Art and tell him so he can make the necessary adjustments to the schedule.
  • Please assist the early meet logistics by paying attention to your swimmers' race numbers and doing the following:
    • If your swimmer is in races 1 - 10, please send them to the bullpen prior to the National Anthem.
    • If you swimmer is in races 11 - 20, please send them to the bullpen no later than race 3.  The early relays, especially the 100 meter ones where swimmers have to be lined up at both ends of the pool, are very hectic
  • If you are or have an experienced swimmer, we know you know what to do and where to go.  However, we STILL need to check that you are present in the blocks.  Therefore, please check in with the bullpen BEFORE going to your lane. 
  • Regardless of what the Lineup sign says, our Bullpen volunteers will be looking for you 10 - 12 races out.  Please keep track of the events.
  • Please do NOT leave the pool deck or enclosed area to go to a parking lot, playground, or elsewhere. 


  • We appreciate our volunteers and we try and respect your time.  All of the above things will benefit everyone, including the volunteers' responsibilities.
  • If you cannot volunteer for your assigned duty, please let Beth Defeo know ASAP at bethdefeo@hotmail.com.
  • If you do not have an assigned volunteer duty, but are able to volunteer, please find Beth and offer to do something, especially if you hear that we are short. 


  • We will distribute ribbons as soon as possible after the meet.  That might not be at the next practice, but we will try for the next meet. 
  • If your swimmer did not get a ribbon, they were likely DQ'd or they earned an Exhibition Ribbon.
  • This is the first year we've given Exhibition Ribbons in some time, so we do not yet have them for the first 3 meets, but we will try and catch up.
  • Exhibition Ribbons are given when one team has more than 3 swimmers who place in an event.  Only the top 3 count for points.  The others will earn Exhibition Ribbons, as noted by an X next to their time on the official results.
  • The first meet that was combined with Elizabeth Manor and Churchland is the only tri-meet we our swimmers competed against both teams.  At all other meets, we will only compete against one other team.  Even though Elizabeth Manor swimmers will be at all of our meets, we are not competing against them.


  • Coach Art will communicate meet results and a spreadsheet with your swimmers' times after each meet.
  • For official league results of our meets, please go to the league website (https://www.leaguelineup.com/welcome.asp?url=wtsa)
    • Click on 2019 Results under the Headlines section.
    • Click on the underlined link "Check out 2019 results here."
    • Click on the underlined "Results" in the far right column of the meet you want.

As always, please feel free to reach out to one of the coaches, board members, or Volunteer Coordinator with any questions or shoot an email to swimteambarracudas@gmail.com.

Meet info for Saturday will be communicated tomorrow. 



STROKE & TURN JUDGES: Holcomb & Griffin



BULLPEN: Doerr & Jackson

RUNNER: Maroules

TIMERS: Pillsbury, Nwadi, Maynard, Morring, Nowotny, Palmer, Anderson, Stapleton, Moores, _____________


Please let Beth DeFeo (bethdefeo@hotmail.com) know ASAP if you will not be able to fulfill your volunteer assignment. Thanks!

Barracuda Families,


Practice was cancelled last night due to the storm that hit at 7pm.  We are planning to practice tonight at Founder's Pointe, but the weather is threatening again.  Please check the Facebook Group, Riverfront Team Barracudas, for up to the minute info on cancellations.  If you have not requested to join, please do so today as that is the most efficient way for Coach Art to communicate with the team while at the pools.  If nothing is posted, please assume that practice will be held.


Our meet tomorrow evening is against the Tsunami Swim Team from the Burbage Grant community.  The address is 6815 Burbage Lake Circle, Suffolk, VA 23435.


The schedule for is as follows:

Coach – Arrive by 4:45pm


Swimmers – Arrive by 5:00pm and report directly to Coaches Art and Kristina for race assignments


Warmups - Between 5:15pm and 5:45pm


Officials/Judges/Timers Meetings - Between 5:40pm and 5:50pm 


Announcements/Anthem - 5:50pm


Race #1 – 6:00pm


End - Between 9:00pm and 9:30pm (target)


Please let Coach Art know ASAP at coachart.ecat@gmail.com if you CANNOT make OR IF YOU HAVE TO BE LATE OR LEAVE EARLY!


Please refer to the Volunteer Schedule for your assigned duties.  We will also post the volunteer duties here and on the Facebook page.


Thank you!

The new WTSA website is here:




Please go here for league info, official meet results, and info on other teams. 

Team Barracuda Families,




First, congratulations on a fantastic meet and many thanks to everyone that helped make it a success.  We saw some great swims for the swimmers and also saw a lot of things we need to work on in practice.  Meets are a great time to see how the swimmers are progressing and developing.  We are looking forward to seeing how everyone does this Wednesday against Tsunami. 




Results for this past Saturday


Churchland – 490 to Team Barracudas – 360


Elizabeth Manor – 89 to Team Barracudas – 340




This Wednesday we will be swimming Tsunami.  Tsunami is another big team so the meet should be exciting to watch.  More to follow on the meet.




** Please Let Coach Art know if you will be missing the meet this Wednesday by Tuesday noon.  He can be contacted at Coachart.ecat@gmail.com.




Lessons Learned from this past two meets


·         Please have your swimmers check in with the coaches when they first arrive.  One of the coaches will be very close to the entrance checking people in.  This helps us know who is at the meet and what relay changes we need to make. 


·         Lets have Team Barracuda sit a little closer together.  This will help in locating everyone a bit easier if we have to go on a swimmer hunt. 


·         Night time meets can get a little chilly, make sure to bring a sweatshirt and extra towels in case it is a chilly night.




Let get ready for an awesome meet!!



Thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding as we worked through our technical issues at last night's practice meet.  We started and ended later than desired, but ultimately accomplished what we needed to for a successful 5 meet competition season that begins this Saturday morning with Elizabeth Manor CC and Churchland Swim Club. 


The schedule for this Saturday is as follows:

Coach, Setup, Concessions – Arrive between 7:30am and 8:00am

Swimmers – Arrive by 8:00am and report directly to Coaches Art and Kristina for race assignments

Warmups - Between 8:15am and 8:45am (Team Barracuda warms up first)

Officials/Judges/Timers Meetings - Between 8:40am and 8:50am 

Announcements/Anthem - 8:50am

Race #1 – 9:00am

End - Between 12:00pm and 12:30pm (target)


We will have full concessions to include Chick-Fil-A biscuits.  Heat sheets will also be for sale for $2.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday!





Please see your email or the Handout section of this site under the dropdown box "Forms" for the 2019 Volunteer Schedule (All-Star Meet not included). If you know of any conflicts your family has in fulfilling your assigned duty, please call, text or email me ASAP.


Beth DeFeo: (757)763-8514 ebhdefeo@gmail.com


Also, if you are able to fill in for any spot that says "(STILL NEED)," please let me know. We would greatly appreciate your help!

Coach Art, Team Barracuda Board and I appreciate
the time each of you is willing to invest in your child's swim team experience!


Schedule Change for Meet #1

SCHEDULE CHANGE!!! Wed, June 12th

This Wednesday's Swim Meet again Elizabeth Manor has been changed to an Intra-Squad Practice Meet where Coach Art will get new times for all of the swimmers. We will run this like a regular meet. We encourage all members to attend so that the swimmers and parent volunteers can become familiar with the format and flow of a swim meet. Please see the list of volun...teer assignments below and notify us ASAP if you will not be able to attend/fill your volunteer position. Assignments are listed by child's last name and only require one adult from the family to perform that duty.

Swimmers & Volunteers please arrive at 5:30pm


Set-up & Clean-up: Moores & Hampton (please arrive at 5pm to begin set-up)

Referree: Field

Starter: Dryden

Stroke & Turn Judges: Sterns & Griffin

Scorekeepers: Diggs & Fitzgerald

Bullpen: Doerr & Ealey

Runner: Maples

Timers: Nwadi, Chase, Graning, Hicks, Hodges, Hodsden, Jones, Morring, Yoder, Yavoski

Concessions: Harnish, Pillsbury, Riggs


ATTENTION:  Meets begin this week!  Please note the following important information:

1) Volunteer training will take place on Monday, June 10th and Tuesday, June 11th at both 7pm and 8pm.  This is mandatory for families who signed up for Timer, Stroke & Turn, Bullpen & Runner and have never performed these roles before for Team Barracuda.  We will make an announcement and begin shortly after practice starts.


2) WTSA is holding a final Stroke & Turn Judge training session this Tuesday, June 11th at 6pm at the Burbage Grant Clubhouse (6815 Burbage Lake Circle, Suffolk).  If you have not already attended a training and are signed up to volunteer as a Stroke & Turn Judge, please attend this session.


3) The meet scheduled for this Wednesday, June 12th, originally against Elizabeth Manor Country Club, has been changed to a time trail for only Team Barracuda swimmers.  Our meet with Elizabeth Manor will be combined with another upcoming meet and we will use the time on Wednesday to update times for all swimmers and familiarize new swimmers and volunteers with their roles in a live meet setting.  PLEASE ATTEND even if you are not new to Team Barracuda, but especially if you are new.  We have a new coach and it will be very helpful for him to evaluate all swimmers prior to a meet that counts in the WTSA standings.  We will send out a separate message about arrival times and expected length for the Wednesday time trial.


4) We still need signed Sportsmanship Policies from most families.  If you have one, please sign it and return it to Jeremy Starkey by Wednesday night.  We need 1 per family and it must be signed by all swimmers and parents.


5) If your swimmer is new to Team Barracuda this year, we must age-verify them by Wednesday night.  Please bring a birth certificate and show it to Jeremy Starkey who has the list.  There are 24 swimmers remaining to be age-verified.  Thanks to everyone who has already completed this!


6) Special thanks to our sponsors for 2019.  They are:

East Coast Aquatic Team (Coach Art Anthony)

Freedom Street Partners (Rob Estes)

Riverfront Dentistry (Tony Elgohary)

The Jewell Family (Justin & Stephanie Jewell)

TowneBank (Jeremy Starkey)

Eastern Virginia Family & Cosmetic Dentistry (Clay Weisberg)


We look forward to seeing everyone this week!


Team Barracuda - New Board Members

Team Barracuda has elected a new board of directors.  Please welcome:


President - Tina Stimson

Vice President - Susannah Beard

Secretary - Laura Nunziata

Treasurer - Jeremy Starkey

WTSA Representative - Ryan Frost


Also, Beth DeFeo will be acting as Volunteer Coordinator and we are actively looking for a Concessions Coordinator. 

We will need everyone's help so expect to hear from Beth regarding volunteer positions and opportunities!

Team Barracuda Practice Schedule

Swim Practice Schedule is effective Tuesday, May 28th

Monday/Wednesday - Riverfront Swim Club; 7-8pm Ages U6-10

Monday/Wednesday - Riverfront Swim Club; 8-9pm Ages 11-18

Tuesday/Thursday - Founders Point Swim Club; 7-8pm Ages U6-10

Tuesday/Thursday - Founders Point Swim Club; 8-9pm Ages 11-18



Sportsmanship Policy

Below please find our Sportsmanship Policy.  All swimmers and parents must read then sign the last page and return to Coach Art or any Board member.

Sportsmanship Policy

Our Sponsors