Mission Statement

June 2, 2013

Our mission is to teach young male and female athletes to play basketball at a highly competitive level.We believe in giving them a firm foundation in the many individual skills required to be a stroug basketball player. Equally important our coaches teach their players to use these skills effectively as a team. While our goal is to field teams that can compete at the regional and national level and consistently demonstrate continued improvement over time.

The Team Silk organization in the sport of basketball, strives to provide opportunities for personal growth and development of youth athletes while also reinforcing positive influences, self-confidence, self-esteem and the ability to excel on and off the court. Team Silk is dedicated to educate and motivate each member while encouraging team work, sportsmanship and fun through the spirit of basketball.

Parents have a significant role to play in the Team Silk organization. We encourage open communication between parents and coaches, to help ensure that concerns about their child are appropriately addressed. In addition the Team Silk Basketball Board of Directors is made up of parents, coaches, and other members of the local sports community. Parents make vital contributions to maintaining and improving our organization. We also understand that parents have many demands on their time and energy. For this reason the organization does not sponsor numerous tournament or engage in extensive fund-raising activities requiring parents and the boys and girls to volunteer their time and effort off the basketball court. Organization wide expenses are met through a season membership fee. Each team generally funds its own operations by paying for gym time, uniforms and equipment.

As a member of the Maryland Amateur Athletic Union (MAAU), we also subscribe to the mission and vision of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). To offer amateur sports programs through a volunteer base for all people to have the physical, mental and moral development of amateur athletes and to promote good sportsmanship and good citizenship. To offer amateur athletes volunteer opportunities to develop to their highest level through a national and local network of sporting events. Through participation inAAU, we achieve our dreams as athletes and as valued citizens of our communities.