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Format: Doubles

Number of Teams: 6


Scoring: Sets are to 6, win by 2 (if 6-6, do a tie-break). Best 2 sets out of 3 for the match.

Playoffs: After round-robin play, we will do a playoff for the top 4 teams.

Rankings: 1 point for a win, 0 for a loss. Tie-break order: head-to-head, then games LOST overall, followed by games won.

Time and location: I will send out a weekly schedule with the teams that you will play that week, but it will be open. It is up to you and the other team to find a time and location to play. Report the scores back to me, and I will send a weekly score summary on Saturday. If you do not meet to play, we will count it as a loss for both teams (circumstances will be considered), so be sure to find a time!