Immokalee Soccer Pit Cobras/Manny Touron



The Soccer Pit Cobras Story


Before I begin to talk about soccer in Immokalee Florida, you need to know a little about the town itself. Immokalee is a farming community of about 25,000 residents located 35 miles east of the richest county in Florida, Collier County. Immokalee’s population is comprised of 63% Hispanic, 20% African which includes our Haitian Creole population, 4.8% white, and 1.1% Native Americans.


Per capita income is $9900, Median income is $27,000 and residents below the poverty level are 44.8%, one of the highest in the nation. 39% are high school graduates, 4.8% have graduated from college and 4.5% are attending college. Immokalee ranks among the least educated cities in the nation, as only 4.7% of people over 25 years of age have a bachelor or advanced degree. 36.4% of the employment comes from agriculture. 

Now that you have a little knowledge of the town let me tell you about youth soccer, but more specifically about the only youth soccer club in town.


Our Mission is to provide our players the opportunity to develop their highest potential. The Soccer Pit strives to maintain an environment that embodies the core values of integrity, leadership, perseverance, respect, teamwork, and academic achievement while enhancing self-esteem, promoting self- confidence, and cultivating a lifelong passion for the game of soccer.


We have always maintained our purpose that academics are the key to success. Our players are required to maintain a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 throughout the school year. This is the same requirement that is placed by the Collier County School District on all athletes to compete at the high school level. Of course, we modify this requirement for our elementary and middle school students.


Our teams compete at the highest levels in three different leagues in our area and across the state. Over the years they have won many championships and awards. Our Under 17 boys were # 2 in the Country in 2016 when they lost to Utah in the Presidents National Cup in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


In a town were funding is very hard to find, to keep our program running please consider any of donation to help these boys become outstanding citizens through the sport of soccer.





Rogelio  Guzman – Edison Colleg2011/USF 2012-2017


Alonso Garcia – Immokalee Technical College 2012


Daniel Guzman – USF 2012=2017


Roberto Salazar – Immokalee Technical College 2012


Eric Leon – Miami of Ohio 2013


Jose Guzman – USF 2013-2017


Jesus Velazco – Salisbury Prep 2013


Jesus Velazco – Colgate University 2014-2018


Miguel Vera – Ave Maria University 2009


Alejandro Mendoza – Georgia Perimeter Community College  2013


Eduardo Soto – Georgia Perimeter Community College 2013


A.J. Hernandez – Monroe Community College 2014


Martin Garza – Immokalee Technical College 2013


Eduardo Arce – Immokalee Technical College 2013


Ives Gomez – Georgia Military College 2015


Julio Robles – Tulsa Welding School 2015


Liliana Cruz-Trejo – Regency Beauty School 2015


Maria Leon – Florida Southwestern State 2015


Juan Carlos Munoz – Florida Southwestern State 2014


Roberto Gabeaud – Florida Southwestern State 2016


Angie Perez – Florida Gulf Coast University 2016


Gary Garcia – Broward College 2016


Amy Montes – FSU 2016


Jachoa Etienne – Palm Beach State College 2016


Salvador Preciado – FSU 2017


Ulises Soto – Salisbury Prep School 2017/ St Lawrence University 2018


Jonas Jean Charles – Florida Southwestern State 2017


Maria Rodriguez – Broward College 2017


Yanex Ramirez – Broward College 2017


D’Jovanny Legagneur – Wiley College 2017


Fouchard Frantzdy – Wiley College 2017


Kensley Jn Baptiste – Ave Maria University 2017


Eamon McQuade – Ave Maria University 2017


Cedric Georges – Ave Maria University 2017


Elias Cuevas – St John University 2018


Carlos Contreras – Florida College 2018


Raymundo Cervantes – Florida College 2018



College Bound Cobras

 Our Primary goal is for players to enjoy the game, do well in school and use their academic success and soccer skills to continue their education in college. This year our eight seniors are attending college and one will attend a prestigious prep school in Connecticut for a year. Congratulations and good luck! to our seniors. you have raised the bar. 

Maria Rodriguez - Broward College

Yanex Ramirez - Broward College

Kensley Jn Babtiste - Ave Maria University

Eamon McQuade - Ave Maria University

Frantzdy Fouchard - Wiley College

D'jovanny Legagneur - Wiley College

Salvador Preciado - Florida State University

Jonas Jn Charles - Florida SouthWestern State College

Ulises Soto - Salisbury Prep



Carlos Contreras -  Florida College - Transfer to Ave Maria Univ. for 2019

Ulises Soto - St Lawrence University - Transfer to Ave Maria Univ. for 2019

Elias Cuevas - St Johns University Minnesota 

Raymundo Cervantes - Florida College

Juan Velazquez Itech College

Salvador Preciado - Transfers from FSU to USF for 2019

Maria Rodriguez - Ave Maria University 2019