• This league is to promote a sense of community and pride within Thrall
  • while also teaching the youth of this community about competition, fair play, and work ethic
  • within the context of the game of basketball.
  • We are ALL WINNERS when we come togther and support each other & our youth! TIGER PRIDE,LIVE BY IT!


2016-2017 Season

The 2016-2017 season is already under way with practices already started. The first game will be on December 10, 2016 starting at 8:00am.  Game schedules are being emailed out to ask the coaches. They will share them with all parents. The schedule will be on here by the end of next week. 

Thank you

Thank you to everyone that is helping to make this league possible...all the coaches, board members, referees, parents, and youth!!! Without you, this league would not be possible!!!





LifeTouch is the picture company that we used this year. If you would like to purchase more pictures if your player took them on game day, you can click on the link below to do so or to contact them.





1) Please suggest to your parents that their children bring seperate clean game shoes for practices and gamedays. Upon entering the pavilion, they can change into their game shoes. This is only a suggestion inorder to help reduce dirt and mud on our floors.

2) Please suggest to your players parents to park in the front of the school cafetria and elementary building. I would suggest that we all walk along the covered path leading to the back door of the pavilion. There will be towels upon entering to clean shoes as much as possible. Please ask those that do not have practice to stay off the pavailion floor to reduce the amounts of dirt and mud tracked on the floors. To provide the best traction... both the players shoes and the floors must be free of dirt and/or water. With all the wet weather we are having, we all feel this is the best way to prevent injury to our children. If you have any questions or suggestions please email me or call me at 512-595-4363. If you have any parents or an assistant coach, please ask they they volunteer to help wet and/ or dry mop the floor to help keep our floors clean.

3. Coaches please clean up after practices and games. Please leave the facilites better than you found it. Thrall ISD graciously allows the Thrall Youth Basketball League to use the facilities free of charge, and we would like to show our appreciation, support, and pride by continuing to keep our facilities clean.

Thank you for your continued work and support coaches.