The Tillamook Softball Association is an adult slow-pitch softball association. It is comprised of a Women's League and Men's League, which play simultaneously beginning in June; and a Co-Ed League that begins sometime in July. Our mission is to provide a fun, safe arena for the people of Tillamook County to participate in this great sport.

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2019 Women's League Results

July 15, 2019

The Tillamook Women’s League concluded on July 15, 2019 with the following standings and awards:

1st Place – Werners Gourmet Meat Snacks

                All-Stars: Pami Boomer and Kara Hale

2nd Place – Tillamook Merchants

                All-Stars:  Erika Bettis and Cassie Christensen

3rd Place – Averill’s Recycling

                All-Stars:  Alicia Rich and Amanda Stalford

4th Place – Umpqua Bank

                All-Stars: Kaja Smith and Trina Vogel

5th Place – Sunset Tans

                Maddie Hindman and Erica Knudsen

Sportsmanship Award went to Averill’s Recycling


18th Annual Paul Betz Memorial Tournament results

August 18, 2019

18th Annual Paul Betz Memorial

Co-Ed Softball Tournament

August 17-18, 2019


1st Place – Beaverton Sub Station

            All-Stars:  Billy Feldmann, Jordan Post, Bailey Parsons, Mel Greenspan

2nd Place – Papa’s Pizza/Intoxicated (Beaverton)

            All-Stars:  Ian McIntyre, Steve Horrax, Jamie Tax, Aldene Sumic

3rd Place – Dirty Dozen 2.0

            All-Stars: Steven Betz, Bryan Watters, Brooklyn McKillip

4th Place – The Fern Cafe

            All-Stars: Curtis Christensen, Al Weber, Haley Vogel

Sportsmanship – Dirty Dozen 2.0


Other teams All-Stars:

Bearded Clams – Bryce Hamerl, Gabby Garcia

Dunn’s Contract Cutting – Will Redish, Gracie Ziebarth

Pitch Slaps – Blake Panos, Maddie Lambert


Men’s home run derby was won by Todd Siler (Intoxicated) with 2 home runs.  The women’s home run derby was won by Jade Girard (Intoxicated) with 1 home run.










2019 Co-Ed League Results

August 29, 2019

2019 Co-Ed League ended on August 29, 2019.   Here are the end of season results:  

1st Place:  Werner's Gourmet Meat Snacks

               All-Stars:  Tassi & Devlin O'Neil

2nd Place:  Pelican Brewing

               All-Stars:  Kelsey Petty & Curtis Christensen

3rd Place:  MAGA

               All-Stars:  Joy & Tanner Richardson

4th Place:  Tillamook Tire

               All-Stars:   JenniSu Stinnett & Mat Oge

Sportsmanship:  Tillamook Regional Medical Center

              All-Stars:  Carrie Weathers & Alden Betz


Other teams All-Stars were:  

Hale's Tit Tuggers

               All-Stars:  Kelly Armstrong & Jason Hale

Dairyland Dankery

               All-Stars:  Kaja Smith & AP Neva


               All-Stars:  Jenny Baldwin & Scottie Blount

Hopkes Logging

               All-Stars:  Chelsea Miller & Joey Hancock

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Umpires Wanted!

May 27, 2015

Tillamook Softball Association is looking for umpires for our upcoming slow-pitch softball season.  Must have general softball knowledge and experience and be able to pass Oregon ASA Umpire exam.  $25.00/game for umpires who pass the exam.  Men play on Tuesday and Thursday nights starting June 2nd and Women play Monday and Wednesday nights starting June 8.  Co-Ed league will begin after those two leagues end.  Please email me at: if you are interested and I'll pass the information along to the appropriate person.

Men's, Women's & Co-Ed Softball Leagues

To play on a team, sponsor or coach a team or umpire a league, please contact Catherine Essary, Commissioner or a league president.