Welcome to the TN District 5 Umpire Association web page, whose goal is to provide quality umpires and umpiring services to the local leagues, improve umpiring through education & training, promote fair play and good sportsmanship among people in baseball & softball and provide educational training for coaches to ensure a thorough understanding of the rules specific to Little League Baseball & Softball.

How Do I Join D5UA?

Following is a brief outline of the steps necessary to join D5UA:
1. Complete D5UA application for membership;
2. Pay the appropriate membership fee;
3. Be recommended for membership by a D5UA Staff member;
4. Receive an affirmative vote before the general membership.

The process is really very simple. Generally it is best to attend a regularly scheduled monthly meeting to complete this process.

The regularly scheduled meeting is generally the first Sunday of each month. (exceptions made periodically) They are held at Northeast State Technical Community College in Blountville or at a District 5 Little League site. The meetings start at 2:00 PM and run to approximately 4:00 PM. To find the meeting room at Northeast State – enter the main entrance to the college, go to stop sign, turn right. Park in the first parking lot you come to on the right side (several cars will be there – we are typically the only organization there on this specific day). Enter the college in the door directly across from the parking lot. For directions to a D5 Little League site meeting contact Carroll Mumpower at 423-571-3379 or Jason Salley at 423-646-0149.

If you are interested in joining us in our mission of providing the best trained umpires to Little League Baseball and Softball games throughout our district and state, feel free to contact association President, Carroll Mumpower by e-mail at or by phone at 423-571-3379. You may also contact association Information Officer Jason Salley at or call 423-646-0149.