Field Conditions

Field conditions are checked around 3pm on game day, always refer to the webpage for information regarding weather or other league information.

Standing water in fields is a reason to cancel games. We have to try to get all games in because makeup game time is limited.  Lightning during a game, 10 minute delay to see if it stops and get players under dugouts or in cars during that time. Seven and under, coaches can decide if games are cancelled on their own.  

If the field you are playing on tonight is marked in RED, that field is considered unplayable.   This is the simplest method of letting over 1000 parents know if games are happening that day.

  • GREEN=Game On
  • RED=Game Cancelled/Rescheduled
  1. Parker's Park East
  2. Parker's Park West
  3. Elton West
  4. Elton East
  5. Oquirrh Field
  6. Red Del Papa

Scores and Pitch Counts

Coaches, remember to report all scores and pitch count here on the site right after your game. Failing to do so well make your pitcher ineligible to pitch until the next Sunday regardless of their pitch count.   


1. Click on schedule and go to your team.

2. Above the schedule is a "report scores" button, click on it.

3. Select the day of the game and enter the password.

4. Right after the location column is the report scores/pitch count link, click it.

5. Enter the score and pitch count info and hit submit.

6.  Do not edit field lication at any time.

BOTH TEAMS must do it.    


To see if a player is eligible to pitch in a given team:

1. Click Teams/Roster from menu, find the team you wish to look at.

2. Click the "Pitch Tracker" button and you now can see who is eligible and when. A baseball icon means they are eligible.




Reporting scores and pitch count

Immediately after a completed game, all coaches must report score and pitch count.  Failure to do so will result in forfeited game and pitcher unable to pitch again for another 7 days.  It also isn't fair for the next team to not know what players are eligible to pitch if you have not reported.  Player safely is more important than a win.  Do your job as coaches and report scores and pitch count.  I check this daily during the season.


April 19, 2018

Raffle Tickets:

  • Bring your raffle tickets early opening day, April 21st.  Raffle will begin just after opening ceremonies is over.  Thank you



League Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

Date & Time: April 21st, 7 am-10 am.

Location:  Parkers Park

Cost:  $5.00 for Adults, $3.00 for Kids




Opening day ceremonies begin at 9:30am, all players/teams/families must be there no later 9:00am.  All players are to be in uniform.   Please bring all your raffle tickets.  We are also having a pancake breakfast fundraiser at Parker's Park starting at 7am, so please invite family and friends.

  • COACHES, view your picture schedule, when your team is scheduled, at THIS LINK.  Pictures will be at Parker's Park.
  • PARENTS:  Please download the picture order form and bring it with you on picture day.  ORDER FORM



Cleanup will be Saturday, April 14th at 9:00 AM.   If you are in the National League and Coach Pitch, please go to Elton Park.  Pioneer and American go to Parker's Park, and Senior League Red Del Papa.  Your coordinators will be there to let you know what is needed to be done.  Thank you for all your support!

Note:. Parker's Park cleanup is cancelled for today, our apologies.


April 10th -- UNIFORMS are currently with league coordinators ready to hand out.  Please contact your coach or coordinator.



Equipment Checkout (3rd)

  • Tuesday, April 10th, 5:00pm - 6:00pm.  Location:  Equipment Conex' located on 9th South between the Tooele County Roads Dept and the Tooele Consolidated Fueling Station.



Date & Time: April 21st, 7 am-10 am.

Location:  Parkers Park

Cost:  $5.00 for Adults, $3.00 for Kids

Thank you


Equipment checkout.  Saturday Mar 24, 3pm to 5pm.   Location:. 9th South Conex's.

It is very important to send a coach from your team to get your equipment.  If you miss it you will have to wait until we are available again.  Thank you for your support and for volunteering.

Upcoming changes to the 2018 Season.

January 17, 2018

 Please read everything below... very important, Thank you.

 All  sign ups  after Feb 12th will include a $10.00 late feeSignup early to avoid the late feePlayers trying out for their high school team are allowed to signup after tryouts if need be and avoid a late fee.

NEW BAT RULES:  Very important:   Starting January 1, 2018 Little League has adopted the new USA Baseball standard for baseball bats, ages 4 thru 12. (LINK).  All bats must have the new USA Baseball standards logo on the bat in order to be used.  This allows all divisions to be able to use a bat up to 2 5/8" diameter as long as it meets the new standard.  Solid piece wood bats, do not require the USA Baseball Standards logo.  All previous bats from years past are no longer allowed. The logo looks like this below:

Note: Ages 13-16 (Senior League) have to follow high school bat rules and use a -3 Bat.


CHANGE IN AGE RULE:  Little League also changed the age date starting 2018.  Instead of being of age by April 30th, that date has been moved to August 31st.  This makes it so kids play within their own age group or school grade.


REGISTRATION:  Registration will start two weeks earlier, around the 15th of January 2018 (official dates to be posted soon).  This year registration cost will remain the same:  4-7 year olds $70.00, 8-12 $90.00, 13-16 $100.00 plus $20.00 fundraising fee.

However, we are changing how we do our fundraiser this year.  In past years we used a raffle as our fundraiser.  The coaches were responsible for handing out the raffle tickets to sell.  Sometimes this worked and other times tickets were handed out too late or not at all.  Many coaches we spoke to liked the idea of not having to deal with fundraising.   The raffle tickets (in the past) allowed you to keep a large portion of the sold ticket money to help make back your registration money, basically if you sold all your tickets baseball would cost you nothing. 

THIS YEAR...  At the time of registration everyone will be charged $20.00 fundraising fee and at that time will receive 10 raffle tickets to sell; you get to keep all money you receive from selling your tickets.  This does several things.  One, it removes the fundraising responsibility from the coaches and lets them get back to just coaching.  Two, The league gets the opportunity to talk to every family/player signing up, we can then explain the fundraiser at that time; years past sometimes that information didn't always get out and some didn't even know about the raffle.  Here is an example as to how it can help you lower your baseball costs:  If you have a 7 year old, to register would cost you $70 plus $20 totaling $90.00.  You then get your 10 tickets to sell.  Selling all those tickets would give you $100.00, money you get to keep and covers 100% of what you paid for baseball this year.   If you don't want to sell the raffle tickets, simply fill out your information and turn them in for your chance at the prizes.

What does fundraising do for Tooele Little League?  Fundraising helps us replace old and tired equipment along with paying umpires.  Without it, registration would be far higher.

We do feel we are still very inexpensive compared to other areas in SLC, plus we give an ability to make baseball completely free with the raffle.  See image below of West Jordan Copper Hills costs:


UMPIRES:   Umpires, Umpires, Umpires... We need parents/adults to umpire this year.  One of our biggest issues is umpires each year.  We do our best to schedule umpires, with young adults there are always issues especially when school is about to get out.  We do rely heavily on teenagers and the majority performed very well for us. 

More adults would help us in making sure all games are officiated properly, especially around the end of the school year.  We also pay umpires (pay increasing this year). 

Umpiring is a way you can give back to the league (and community) helping to make the league as great as it should be.  It can be very fullfilling to umpire knowing you are helping these young players enjoy and love the game of baseball.  

Please contact us.  We also need an Umpire-in-Chief this year as well. 

Last:  Umpires, Umpires, Umpires... We need parents/adults to umpire this year.   :)


LEAGUE VOLUNTEERS:  We are always looking for additional help and ideas to make the league successful.  From running the snack bar, being a league coordinator, or a league coordinator assistant.. all help is accepted.  Please volunteer and lend us a hand.  Everyone is welcome.


Senior League Change:  Each year our 13-16 year old age group (Senior League) has around 10 teams with 12-14 players on each team.  This year we are wanting to split that age group up into two divisions similar to how the American and Pioneer league are in the younger divisions.  This will allow less experienced players to gain more experience playing in different positions in one division and more experienced players together playing in the other.  This helps create more playing time, more opportunities playing different positions.


Machine Tee and Machine Pitch League Changes:  We are going to move to "coach pitch" instead of using a machine pitch for those two leagues.  This will keep us in line with Little League and will help the little players time and see the ball better making them better hitters.   The old Machine Tee division will work the same with each player seeing five coach pitches and if they don't hit then they get a chance using the Tee.  The old Machine Pitch division would be "Coach Pitch" only.,


Little League All-Stars:  All-Star player and coach selection will begin a month earlier this year.  This helps solve issues with uniforms and team selection.


Other Changes/Reminders:  Metal cleats are only allowed in the Intermediate (American League 70' bases) and the Senior League age groups.  That means they are not allowed in Tee Ball, Coach Tee, Coach Pitch, National League, or the Pioneer League.

League Division Descriptions and Information

In the handout menu option, under the forms menu, is a description of each age group/division we provide.  Hopefully this answers questions regarding what each age division or division offers.  Here is a link as well.

Division Description and Information

Coaching & Parent Instruction Guide for Better Baseball

League Uniform Requirements

All players must show up to play in the league uniforms provided by the league; this is a league requirement.  Teams are not allowed to wear any uniform other than what was provided.  The uniforms were approved by the board to help instill pride in the organization and the city they live in.  Wearing any other uniform will result in a forfeit by your team.  If you have any questions, please contact the league:


2018 2nd Annual Tooele County Invitational Tournament


Please click the link below to view the 8u through 12u Pool Play Brackets.  After Pool Play, there will be Double Elimination Brackets, soon to be posted.  All games will be at Deseret Peak, Championship games may be located at Grantsville, or Tooele.  Thank you!  *** Brackets might still change until 1-3 days before tournament.


 Championship Brackets:

8u/9u 60' Bases  ** New

10/12U 60' Bases  ** New

11/12U 70' Bases  ** NEW


Tournament Rules - Please Read (edited 7/5/18)

 POOL PLAY BRACKETS  - CLICK HERE!  (as of 7/10/18)


League Tournament Brackets Updated....

Tournament brackets have been posted.  Please click on related link below for your leagues bracket.  Please read the additional rules on the bracket page regarding time, drop dead time (ask if you don't understand), etc.  Thank you and good luck!  Trophies go to 1st and 2nd place (3rd place if 6 or more teams in your league).

Coaches !!!  Turn in your equipment bag to your league coordinator at the end of your last tournament game please.


Tournament Bracket Information & Update Below:

Update for parents and our baseball community.

Tooele City will no longer be marking our baseball fields in 2019.  What does this mean?  This means the league will be required to mark all our fields (six fields and five locations), provide the materials, and volunteer labor to do so.

What does it takes to mark fields?  There are two options.  One is paint.  In order to mark the fields with paint, water is required first to wet the dirt in order for the paint to stick and show up.  A paint marking tool is used AFTER you line up home to third, or home to first with stakes and string (and batter’s box area).  Another options is “chalk”… doesn’t require water, faster, but is harder to store.  Both need different marking equipment.  We would need multiple storage areas and multiple tools to mark.  We also don't have access to water at the locations.

Our problem… unlike other sports such as flag football, football, girls softball, soccer… we aren’t at one location, we have five different locations all across the city.  We would need five different tools to mark field and separate storage to store the materials at each location .Plus we have to do this every day of the week unlike the other sports..  One top of that, we don’t have full access to fields, etc. because of how the city controls the keys (please feel free to ask about the key issue).   If we had volunteers do the work, we don’t have key access to give them to mark the fields when required.  Example:  It will be impossible to store material at Parker’s Park and then drive across the city attempting to mark each location before games, moving from each location to location with the material, etc.   If we continued to use paint, we don’t have access to water to wet fields beforehand… if chalk, you need a local storage for chalk and equipment to do each field, something we don’t have and aren’t allowed to have at each location.  Elton Park has a conex, but it is currently packed with everything that was in the snack bar… a request by the city to remove everything so they can update it.  We can barely walk in it let alone store one more thing.  There is no storage at Oquirrh, Elton, Parkers (limited to about 2 feet by 4 feet), Red Del Papa (share with high school) or Dow Fields.

We are told it takes Parks and Rec a complete day, two workers, to mark all our fields.  We would require an army of volunteers willing to mark fields during the time we all are attempting to work and provide for our families.  We could require parents and coaches to do it before games, but again… still need access to water or storage for materials at each location.    The lack of storage, lack of key access, and additional costs are one thing, but the real issue we see is volunteers willing to mark all locations while missing additional work.

All this means one thing… costs will go up.  Having to provide materials is one big cost, but the biggest cost is volunteer labor to do the work and attempting to travel through the city to the five locations.

Baseball will cost more next year with material alone.  If we don’t have the volunteers fields won’t be marked.  Fields can’t be marked if we don’t’ have storage or water access, it is impossible to travel around in today’s heavy traffic with materials to each location after people get off work and before games.

Now add in that we have been told that the City Council is wanting to charge us for the use of the fields.  Fees again increase.   You pay taxes for P&R, the city wants to increase taxes, and then the “secondary-tax” of increase baseball fees…. And we are looking at a big increase.  A large increase will result in less kids being able to afford baseball and more kids bored, learning to vandalize, etc.  The younger kids/parents aren’t even aware that Red Del Papa (our 90’ field) has been without lights for 3 years now and current bids for fields still do not include fixing lights.  That age group that uses ONE field consists of 9-11 teams each year, a heavy toll on one field playing every single day of the week minus Sundays (a day that one day will be required with current growth).

Tooele Baseball is run by volunteers.  Most board members spend 20+ hours a week attempting to keep the league running.   I could tell you how many times I haven’t seen my wife in a week’s time, but I’m more worried about the countless hours coaches, players, and parents give to make the league a success. 

We appreciate every player, parent, coach, volunteer, board member that are here to help make this league a success.  I would recommend contacting the City, Parks and Rec, the Mayor, City Council, letters to the editor, and/or other news sources... Maybe the voice of 1200 parents might make a difference in them supporting the youth in our community & league.   In other communities, such as West Jordan, they pay as much as the image below... do we really want Tooele to be as expensive as communities in the SLC area?  Any questions, voice of support, or request to volunteer, please email

Thank you,

Jon Byrd

Tooele Youth Little League President.