• Good luck to our Jr Olympic participants!
Welcome To The Home Of The Medford Track Club


We are part of the Medford Youth Athletic Association (MYAA)   





Please contact Track@MYAA.net with any questions 


We are looking for coaches with a track and/or field events background to help our athletes develop. 

Please email track@myaa.net if you are interested in helping.


The following is subject to change:

March 20th will be our first team practice (weather permitting). 
Standard Practice Times:


Mondays 6:30 - 7:30 PM

Wednesdays 6:30 - 7:30 PM

April/ May

Mondays 6:30 - 8:00PM

Wednesdays 6:30 - 8:00PM

Practice Places:
Shawnee HS Track and Field Facility

Freedom Park

Memorial Middle School Track may be used as an alternate site

Meet Start Times:
Friday Night Meet 6:30PM
Saturday Meet 8:30 AM, 11:00AM, 1:00PM, or 5:00PM

Meet Dates:
Our first meet will be April 5th. Please refer to the calendar for specific meet dates/locations/times.

Meet Events:
Track: 80M Hurdles, 100M, 200M, 400M, 800M, 1500M, 3000M, 4x100M Relay, 4x400M relay
Field: Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Put, Mini-Javelin, Discus

Note: Some events are age restricted.

The following is the standard order of events for full meets:

- Field Events Open
- 3000M and 80M Hurdles
---------- - 100M
---------- - 1500M
---------- - 4x100M Relay
---------- - 400M
---------- - 200M
---------- - 800M
---------- - 4x400M Relay

Meet Directors may opt not to contest particular events due to time constraints. Weeknight meets will be limited to a few predetermined events.

Please refer to the calendar for additional information.

Volunteers Needed: For home meets we need at least 20 volunteers to help run the meet. Please check in with your child’s coach to see what you can do.


PLEASE NOTE: If there is a Shawnee/Seneca/Memorial meet/event taking place on the track or field event areas, all MYAA members must remain outside the fenced track until the entire meet/event has been completed and authorization has been given to use the facility.

Use of the high jump pits is limited to supervised athletes competing in that event.

No one is permitted on the pole vault pits.

No one is permitted inside the Shawnee HS building



Practice will cancelled if there is heavy/steady rain for 30 minutes before practice and/or the temperature is less than 40 degrees at the start of practice time. Notice will be posted on this website by 5:00pm the day of if practice is cancelled.

Parents please use your best judgement in sending your child to practice in case of illness or weather conditions.

**Coaches will not be required to call every parent.**

Nutritional needs for daily practices and meets:
Plenty of Fluids: Water, Gatorade, Powerade, etc., (AVOID soda or syrup drinks)Snacks: fruit, crackers, energy bars, granola bars, healthy snacks
(AVOID chips + candy)
Breakfast Tips: nutritious cereals,bagels, fruits, oatmeal, breakfast bars(AVOID Doughnuts, sugar cereals)

Please have your children dressed in layers appropriate for the weather conditions. Always have your child bring a warm/dry layer (sweatshirt/jacket/pullover)to put on before/after practice.

Just a thought: Meet days are like a picnic. Remember to bring chairs/blankets, snacks and drinks for the whole family.

QUESTIONS/COMMENTS:E-MAIL Kevin Doyle at kevinpdoyle@comcast.net