Spring 2012 Tsunami FC. Front Row: Skylar, Aradhana, Madeline, Jessica, Steph. Back Row: Coach John, Julianna, Nika, Hayley, Sydney, Emily, Michelle, Coach Steve, Abbey, and Carley. Missing - Sophia and Kristi.

Photo courtesy Sarah Peters. Please check our photo albums for pics from previous seasons.

Coaches John and Steve extend warm greetings to the Tsunami players and their families.

As always, we will encourage our players to play to the best of their abilities while exercising good sportsmanship, all the while having FUN!

Please feel free to share your comments about the website with us and thank you, the parents, for the support you give your girls!

“Losing implies you went out there, you didn’t give your best effort. Getting beat, however, is something else. Getting beat means you went out there and you met an opponent who was bigger, faster, and stronger and they just flat out beat you. ‘There was nothing I could do more. I did everything – I left it on the field – and they were just better.’”

“Well, getting beat isn’t fun, but you can walk off with your honor”

Highland High School, Rugby Coach Larry Gelwix
404 wins and just 10 losses in 35 years (1976-2010)

Recent News

June 2, 2012
Tsunami FC played its final match, losing 2-3 today at Strawberry Knoll. 2nd half goals from Sky and Abs weren't enough to overcome the 3 early goals conceded.

We wish to thank all our Tsunami players and parents (past and present) for their efforts and commitment! The coaching staff has been very blessed to work with such a great group of young ladies and we wish them all the best in their personal and soccer futures.


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