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If your daughter was born on or after January 1, 2002 & would like to be part of a professionally trained travel soccer team...if you are a committed, supportive parent who wants to see your child in a fun & challenging soccer environment focused on player development
please email Paul Pallante at or call 732-330-3833
 for more info. 
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The Extra Mile The extra mile is a lonely place, but it is the only path to greatness. There are no fans lining that mile. No cameras. No bright lights. Most of your teammates won’t join you there, because your dreams belong to you, not them. Many of your “friends” will tell you that you are wasting your time, because how could they know how badly you want it? They have no idea. Your coaches and parents may inspire you, but they can’t do the reps. Only you can. Greatness require sacrifice. You must embrace the struggle. You must embrace it when it makes you smile. You must embrace it when it makes you cry. You must embrace it when it tears your heart out, and makes you question everything. You must embrace it because you are on that lonely journey to the top. The struggle is a privilege. Read on: ​#struggle #grind #fitness #motivation #motivationalquotes @ctgprojecthq #mentaltoughness #soccer #sports #athlete #studentathlete #college #NCAA #growthmindset #futbol ​

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“As a member of a team, I rely on the team, defer to the team and sacrifice for it because the team, not the individual is the ultimate champion.”

-Mia Hamm

"No I or individual is better than the team. I’ve scored no goals just on my own. Every goal I’ve ever scored has been because of someone else on my team, their excellence, their braveryAnd I’m kind of the end product of a collection of a really good vibe, and feeling and creativity on the field."

-Abby Wambach