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    Thank you and welcome to The Ukrainian Soccer Club Website. 

                                            Join Our Soccer Club

We offer soccer for all ages and abilities in our year round program.

Our soccer and sports program was started to give all ukrainian children somewhere to play and enjoy any sport they choose. We have now opened all our sports programs to ANY child that wishes to play.

The professional trainers we use make our club a professional soccer club


Our Soccer Programs:

3-6 Years Old

Our main focus is enjoyment. Our young soccer stars participate in fun, challenging, and active soccer games. Learning new skills and working on their motorskills.

Every child works at their speed and with our program they can blossom in their own fun, while improving all their skills.

7-10 Years Old

Advancing soccer players from our 3-6 years old program into the Travel Soccer Program. A combination of show and tell with fun.

Our expert soccer trainers add new and exciting soccer skills while building confidence.

11-14 Years Old

Our trainers take players to the next level. Looking at players individually and as a team to improve their game skills

15-19 Years Old

While other clubs ar struggling, our club is thriving.

At this age players know much about the game and need top trainers to give them more. We have the top trainers for those players.

Set pieces, top of their game knowledge and skills, and finding something they dont know are all covered.

We are also succesful at send players to colleges.


Every age group and program feeds the one above. Our professional coaches communicate with the ones above and below to make sure we have our players moving in the right direction.

Our excellent soccer program is overseen by our professional Director of Training. He sees that all the players and teams in our soccer program continue to improve their skills and enjoy the game.