2018 TEAM PHOTO           



7th Annual Alumni Game

             Front Row: Cameron Brady, Scott Parsell, Derek Clark, Cody Shuster, Cliff Constien, Mike Smith, John Searfoss,
Coty Gibson, Travis Elkins, Vincent D'Ettore
         Back Row: Wade Beidelschies, Seth Lortz, Patrick Massara, Ty Calvin, Alec McMillan, Brad Roeder, Nick Hensel, Clay Musgrave, Mason Sprang, Aaron Pirc, Kyle Burbaugh, Derrick Skillman, Dillon Barto
Front Row:   Luke Amert - 1st Year Letterman, Team Rookie of the Year:  Austin Andrews - 1st Year Letterman: Caleb Healea - 2nd Year Letterman: Owen Rothlisberger - 1st Year Letterman: Jack Orians - 2nd Year Letterman: Connor Addison - 1st Year Letterman: Gabe Baker: - 4th Year Letterman, NCOSA Honorable Mention, Team Captain: Ross Swinehart - 3rd Year Letterman, NCOSA Honorable Mention: Anson Hill - 3rd Year Letterman, NCOSA 2nd Team, NWOSSCA All-District Honorable Mention, Team MVP: William Shumaker - 1st Year Letterman: Quinten Voorhees - 3rd Year Letterman, NCOSA 2nd Team, NWOSSCA All-District Honorable Mention, Team Defensive MVP, Team Captain.
Back Row:  Zach Sheaffer - Junior Varsity MVP: Owen Mawer - 1st Year Letterman: Austin McLane - 1st Year Letterman: Kameryn Webb - 1st Year Letterman: Jacob Herbert - 2nd Year Letterman, Team Captain: Braden Webb - 1st Year Letterman, K of C Sportsmanship: Alex Ayala - 2nd Year Letterman: Seth Mawer - 1st Year Letterman: Jaidyn Thiel - 3rd Year Letterman, NCOSA 1st Team, NWOSSCA All-District 2nd Team, Team Offensive MVP.  Not Pictured: Chandler Walton - 1st Year Letterman, Team Most Improved. 


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