Welcome to the web home of the Urbana Recreation Council (URC).

Each of our programs has an informational page from which you may access their programs specific websites.  Information on this site is updated frequently.

Thank you for visiting and on behalf of the URC we thank you for supporting community based organizations and youth sports programs.


Eric Scholz

Urbana Recreation Council President



The Urbana Recreation Council (URC), is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that serves Urbana and other surrounding communities.  URC currently offers youth programs for baseball, basketball, cheer, cub scouts, field hockey, football, lacrosse, poms, softball, and wrestling. 



The purpose of the URC shall be to develop a well-rounded recreation program with opportunity for the people of the community; to effect proper coordination of all agencies and organizations in the community interested in recreation; to help finance, publicize, and evaluate year-round programs of recreation for all age groups; to exercise all the powers conferred upon the Council by the Frederick County Government or any agency thereof.


Membership in the URC will be open to any individual, 18 years or older, residing within the boundaries of principal operation and who supports the objectives, rules, and regulations of the organization.


The URC is a federally approved non-profit organization.