2018 Girls Tennis Information

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2018 Girls Tennis Schedule

 2018 Schedule 
updated 9-22-2018

Girls Tennis Matches

  September 20 vs. Helix  
     Varsity 6-12 - Singles player Lana Maronesy won two sets as did the doubles team of Antanae Hanna-Emma Jensen. Moreen Matti and Julia Atto added one set each. 
     JV 5-19 - Many girls were able to play in the match and gain experience. Areen Lu, Sophia Fielding, and Shannon Adair won sets in singles with doubles wins coming from Drea Ghanim-Larissa Raffo and Lara Ibraheem-Stivani Slaiwa.

  September 19 vs. Serra  
     Varsity Only 13-5 - The score was deceiving as the Norsemen pulled out many of the close sets. Antanea Hanna-Emma Jensen swept their three sets with two each from Lana Maronesy, Julia Atto, Aimee Gatus-Marla Rafou, and Arieana Johnson-Andrea Maldonado-Odgers. 

  September 18 vs. Steele Canyon JV ONLY 
     JV 6-12 - The Norsemen fared better in the second JV only match against the Cougars. Areen Lu and Shannon Adair each won a set of singles and Merna Behnam-Sara Schibuola, Stivani Slaiwa-Doris Ton, Rania Atto-Elisabeth Jordan, and Sierra Hoffman-Andrea Maldonado captured one each in doubles.

  September 13 vs. Grossmont  
     Varsity 8-10 - The Foothillers strode past the Norsemen as the #2 position proved pivitol. Lana Maronesy swept her three singles and Julia Atto-Antanae Hanna earned their three. Moreen Matti pulled out one set and Emma Jensen-Marla Rafou a doubles set.  
     JV 9-9; 83-82 - Everyone contributed as the Norsemen squeezed by the Foothiller JV. Winning one set of singles each were Emma Schibuola, Andrea Maldonado-Odgers, Sophia Fielding and Merna Behnam. Adding their five doubles sets were Sierra Hoffman-Areen Lu, Kyra McHugh-Doris Ton, Shanaz Khushid-Larissa Raffo, Lubna Abdulhafedh-Aimee Aziz, and Anella Hana-Lina Shammas.

  September 12 vs. University City 
     Varsity 5-13 - Singles players Lana Maronesy (2 sets), Aimee Gatus and Neaam Dawood (1 set each) provided most of the drive for Valhalla as University City took the match. Julia Atto-Antanae Hanna provided the final point for the Norsemen.
     JV 9-9; 73-78 - In another tight match the Norsemen came up just short as the Centurions stopped their charge at the finish. Emma Schibuola and Sierra Hoffman-Areen Lu each won two matches while single sets were added by Sophia Fielding, Ahtzi Jacobo-Tanya Jalal, Kyra McHugh-Doris Ton, Elisabeth Jordan-Sara Schibuola, and Lubna Abdulhafedh-Aimee Aziz.

  September 11 vs. West Hills  
     Varsity 7-11 - The Norsemen's doubles teams provided all the points as Julia Atto-Antanae Hanna and Emma Jensen-Marla Rafou each swept their matches and Arieana Johnson-Andrea Maldonado-Odgers added the final point.
     JV 4-14 - Though the Wolfpack mauled the Norsemen Sophia Fielding was able to win two sets while Areen Lu and Ahtzi Jacobo-Tanya Jalal added one each.

  September 7 vs. Calexico  
     Varsity 9-9; 79-71 - The Norsemen were able to pull out a close match this time. Led by the play of Lana Maronesy and the Julia Atto-Antanae Hanna (they won three sets each), Moreen Matti and Neaam Dawood each won a singles set and Arieana Johnson-Andrea Maldonado-Odgers pulled out one set in doubles.
     JV - 9-9; 71-72 - Oh my, another close match! Merna Behnam-Shahnaz Khurshid won two sets with single sets tallied by Areen Lu, Tanya Jalal, Sophia Fielding, Katilyn D'Alessio-Sierra Hoffman, Kyra McHugh-Doris Ton, Chrestine Ibraheem-Haneen Qarana, and Drea Ghanim-Larissa Raffo.

  September 6 vs. Granite Hills  
     Varsity - 7-11 - Lana Maronesy came from 2-5 down in the first set to win 7-5, then won her other two sets. The other four points were added by Aimee Gatus, Antanae Hanna-Rania Atto, Julia Atto-Emma Jensen, and Arieana Johnson-Andrea Maldonado-Odgers.
     JV - 2-16 - The Norsemen's points came from Moreen Matti in singles and Sophia Fielding-Ahtzi Jacobo in doubles.

  August 30 @ El Cajon Valley 
     Varsity 9-9; 83-83; 3-6 - The Norsemen were led by the play of Lana Maronesy as she swept her three singles sets. The match could not have been closer, but after the sets won were tied and the total number of games were tied, the Braves pulled out the match based on winning more sets of doubles.  
     JV 7-5 - Singles players Moreen Matti, Sierra Hoffman, Elizabeth Jordan, Neaam Dawood, Kaityln d'Alessio, and Anella Hanna won one set each with the doubles team of Ahtzi Jocobo-Tanya Jalal adding the final set.

  August 28 vs. Steele Canyon - JV ONLY 
     JV 1-17 - The Norsemen's junior varsity team began the season with a match against the always strong Cougars. The lone set for Valhalla was posted by Rania Atto.

 Individual and Team Results

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