USTA Membership and High School Co-Ed Tournament

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       Registration 9/14-10/5

Norsemen Tennis Club - Fall practice and WTT

Boys and Girls Tennis

Before students may participate in the tennis club or World Team Tennis (WTT) they must fill out the Norsemen Tennis Club form and bring $25.00 to cover the cost of insurance, tennis supplies, and district court fees.

The Norsemen tennis club will meet M-F from 3:00-4:30 beginning Monday, September 14th. 

Remind account for Tennis Players 2020-2021

Boys and girls planning to participate in tennis this year should sign up for the tennis Remind account

  Text: @vhsten2020

  To: 81010

2020-2021 Tennis Information

Girls tennis has traditionally competed in the fall and boys tennis in the spring. This year tennis will compete as a co-ed team. Matches will have b/g singles, b/g doubles, and mixed doubles. The CIF aspect of co-ed tennis begins February 22. 

In order to participate each person must complete:
     1.the Clearance Process
          a. Online Clearance
               i. submit a copy of the return clearance email at your 1st practice
          b. the Physical form
              i. submit a copy of the physical form at your 1st practice
     2. the Contact Information Form 
          a. submit the form online before your 1st pratice
     3. the Donation Letter 
          a. print off, fill out and return to the Finance Office

Other information
  2020-2021 General Information - Team Information, Starting dates, rules, etc. Dates and times are subject to change.

  School Driver Registration Form - We will need to provide transportation to our away matches this year because the district
  does not have the 
capacity to handle all the needs of the modified athletic schedules. If you are able to drive to our away
  matches please
fill out the form. Turn in the completed driver registration form to Coach Ackerly.



Valhalla Co-ed Tennis Schedule

  Co-ed Tennis Schedule - tentative
  All dates and times are tentative and subject to change. Some matches may be added, removed or altered.
  This is our best estimate based on current information. 


When the season was cancelled the varsity team was 4-2 and the JV team was 4-1. Many players deserve recognition for their participation and effort. 

Players receiving their varsity certificate and letter are:
Noah, Michael, Aidan, Brady, Drake, Jackson, Chaska, Evan, Laith, Indiana, and Fadi

Junior Varsity
Players receiving their JV certificate are:
Ibrahim, Calvin, Sajjad, Jeremy, Amain, Dylan, Nick, Ryan, Steven, Julian, Meroun, Imran, Connor, Leo, Gabriel, Yousif, Jack, Luke, Waseem, Dan, Jacob, Hindy, Christopher, Adrian, and Donovan

*Special thanks to Daisy for all her help with the team!

2020 Boys Match Summaries

 Friday, March 6 vs. Orange Glen 
     Varsity 18-0 - Despite off-court changes the Orange Glen Patriots were able to come down for our match. We were able
     to get many players into the match where they could gain valuable experience for the future.
     JV 7-2 - In an all doubles match the Norsemen allowed many players to gain match experience.

 Thursday, March 5 vs. El Capitan 
     Varsity 9-9 (79-68) - Down 7-8 with three sets still on the courts, Jackson Juhl won 6-0 and Drake Jacques-Evan
won 6-2 to force a tie and give the Norsemen a tight win over the Vaqueros. The other points for the
     Norsemen were added by Michael Cabusaou, Brady Francisco-Indiana Schafer, and Noah Bakayou-Chaska
     JV 8-1 - The Norsemen overpowered an undermanned team from El Capitan.

 Tuesday, March 3 @ Granite Hills 
     Varsity 12-6 - The Norsemen managed just 4 sets of singles against the Eagles but controlled the doubles play. Michael
     Cabusaou won two sets of singles and Drake Jacques-Evan Knuteson and Brady Francisco-Indiana Schafer each
     swept their three sets. Laith Marrow-Fadi Youhana added two more. 
     JV 11-7 - In a balanced attach the Norsemen won five sets of singles and six sets of doubles. Singles wins were posted
     by Yousif Marooki (2), Steven Hsu, Waseem Michael, and Connor Llewellyn. In doubles play Ryan Gappy-
Zeto and Nick Erickson-Dan Moreno took two sets each. Imran Kyeso-Luke Matti and Julian Jamil-Gabe
each won one set.                                                                                                                                 

 Thursday, February 27 vs. Steele Canyon 
     Varsity 0-17 - The Cougars mauled the Norsemen, not dropping a set.
     JV 4-14 - Donovan Zeto won a set in singles and Ryan Gappy-Yousif Marooki won both their sets with Imran Kyeso-
     Jack Martin adding the final point for the Norsemen. 

 Tuesday, Febrary 25 @ El Cajon Valley 
     Varsity 9-0 - The Braves were short a few players and the Norsemen controlled play, not dropping a set in the match. 

 Thursday, February 20 vs. Helix 
     Varsity 8-10 - The Norsemen were able to capture six sets of doubles with Drake Jacques-Evan Knuteson winning
     three sets, but the Highlanders were able to control the singles and the match.
     JV 10-8 - Steven Hsu, Paul Perfecto, and Fadi Youhana combined to win five sets of singles for the Norsemen. Ryan
     Gappy-Luke Matti collected two wins while Yousif Marooki-Donovan Zeto, Nick Erickson-Connor Llewellyn, and
     Hindy Sabri-Chris Simaan added one each in doubles.

     2020 Team and Individual Results

High School WTT

Sign up at HSWTT if you are interested in playing High School World Team Tennis.

Practices - after the girls season ends - date TBD - Monday-Friday, from 3-4:30. 
Matches - Saturday mornings

Why Play Tennis (Health Benefits of Tennis)

Why Play Tennis
by Jack L. Groppel, Ph.D.
34 reasons why playing tennis improves Physical and Psychological health.

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