• 2018 X-C Banquet 11/15
  • San Diego Section CIF 11/17
  • California CIF State Finals 11/24

2017-18 Boys and Girls Cross Country

2018 Record  -  Varsity Boys 1W - 3L     Varsity Girls 2W - 2L     JV Boys 5W - 0L     JV Girls 2W - 1L


Message from Coach

Being a Champion Competitor

You are champions already, mentally and physically, with your running preparation. The secret to your running success and being a competitor is knowing that you have won a race before you start.

Nothing can compensate for the lack of will to perform when the situation demands that desire! Only you can provide the will. No one clue can help at the moment of truth. The penalty for the lack of will is usually defeat. (Either mental or physical.) “Quitting” is anytime the athlete gives up hope of doing his/her best. The difference between a winner and a loser is often the effort to try. The winner tries and therefore regardless of the result is a winner. There is no failure like ceasing to try.

Proper training is an extremely important part of being a winner. It does not guarantee success but it certainly increases the possibilities. You must work at developing your inner motivation. So remember, being a champion requires simply doing the basics of training (eating right, sleeping sufficiently, drinking correct fluids and exercising your brain and body for the races) and reaching further within yourself and being all that you can be each race.

2018 Season Schedule

September is here and the season is in full swing. Be sure to stretch very well before you begin, and begin sl03owly. Also remember it's still very warmer and could get VERY VERY hot outside, drink lots of fluids (water is best) and be careful.

The formal training sessions begin as follows:

Practice Monday thru Friday @ 3:15 pm

Sept     07      Mustang Invitational                      @ ROHR Park, Bonita CA        

Sept     15      Mt. Carmel Invitational                  @ Morley Field                          11:30 am

Sept     26      *Valhalla vs West Hills                  @Valhalla                                  4:00 pm

Sept     29      Stanford Invitational (Varsity Girls only)

Oct       05     *Valhalla vs Steele Canyon            @Steele Canyon HS                 4:00 pm

Oct       11     *Valhalla vs Granite Hills                @Valhalla                                  4:00 pm

Oct       20      Mt. Sac Invitational/Alt. Invite  (Varsity Boys only)                           TBA

Oct       24      *Valhalla vs Grossmont                 @Griffin Park                             4:00 pm

Nov      02     *Valhalla vs El Capitan                  @Valhalla                                  4:00 pm

Nov      10      Grossmont League Finals              @Steele Canyon HS                 8:00 am

Nov      17      San Diego CIF Finals                     @Morley Field                           TBA

Nov      24      California CIF State Finals             @Woodward Park                     TBA


 *League Games

For directions to events go to schedules and click directions....


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