Vineland Wrestling Red and Grey for Life

  • 2018 Wrestling Banquet
    Red and Grey for Life
  • Most Outstanding Wrestler
    Noah Cruz
  • Most Improved Wrestler
    Marques Allen
  • Unsung Hero
    Robert Torres
  • Most Pins
    Zach Cruz
  • Most Wins
    Jay Narvaez

Team Managers


Anyone interested in becoming a team manager is encouraged to contact anyone of our board members.  Team Manager must be in at least 6th grade, but not have graduate from high school.  Team manager are considered a part of this team and will be held to the same standard as our wrestlers.  Report card are required as the coaches will be checking grade to ensure education is a priority.




Responsibilities include but are not limited to record keeping of matches and events, photography, videotaping, and assisting coaches during all matches and tournaments.




Anyone who looking to complete volunteer hours for college applications are also welcome to participate.  A letter of said time donated to this organization will be present to you at the end of the season.


Registration Refund!!!


This year we are offering registration refunds.  In order to qualify you need to obtain a sponsorship for the team from a local business.  We have three sponsor packages.  If you find a business who wants to sponsor us, fill out our sponsor sheet, and turn in the sheet with the donation to any board member.


If a parent obtains a gold package sponsorship, they receive a full refund for one child per package.

If a parent obtains a silver package sponsorship, they receive a $50.00 refund for one child per package.

If a parent obtains a bronze package sponsorship, they receive a $25.00 refund for one child per package.

Remember the more sponsorships obtained will help purchase new and better clothing, gear, and equipment for our team to better your child’s experience.  It will also help lower the costs for registration in future years.


Bulletin Board


Check out our bulletin board for announcements!!! 


This year we will be using Team Snap.  You will have access to schedules, important events, view of team roster, group chats, emails, alerts, and more.  Ask one of our board members how to download the app and get connected to our group.  This is a free service for parents to give them the most up to date information for the upcoming season.

TeamSnap - All as One



Vineland Wrestling Association uses the TeamSnap App to inform you about scheduled practices, meetings, venues, matches and more. Any change(s) will be sent to you as soon as one is made on the app. TeamSnap delivers our urgent alerts to you as an email and/or notification if you allow through the settings on your smartphone.

    * Save time and gas

    * Be prepared and on time

    * Be in the right place

    * Have the right equipment


You will be sent a confirmation email by November 12, 2018 or once payment is received. Once confirmed you will receive alerts from Vineland Mini Wrestling for the 2018/2019 season.

***Note: The Remind App will not be utilized for this year***