• Winning Team is RESPONSIBLE to call in the score of the game to the Rec Office - 215-685-8753
  • All forfeit fees MUST be paid BEFORE the forfeiting team plays its next game. No exceptions.

 Home team is responsible for supplying bases, mound, and home plate for their game.

****Winning team text scores in to 267-767-5165****

Strike mat (plate and mat are a strike), DH rule (You may use 1 designated hitter for a position player in the lineup. That defensive player does NOT bat)

New Rules: Courtesy runner update: Team may use one runner per inning. Anyone on team at any base.

You can start with 9 players and not have to take the out. If a 10th is on the way, they go to bottom of lineup and are an out until they show up but can go in the game at any time.